Team Ramnation (TBT 2019)


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May 29, 2017
No real point to all this was just curious how it would have affected these two... and as for going back and looking at all games- iirc you can’t just call a time out at say 3:59, has to be something like out of bounds/foul/whatever. Game logs might not always show why clock stopped and in any case the end game would have been played differently.

the .4 game against the Bonnie’s with Elam; all else being equal there would have been no official ot and we would have won 70-68 on a JWilliams layup

The .4 game against GW would have ended on JQ’s free throws, GW at least wouldn’t have had the last desperation heave.

Meh. Would be a more fun discussion over wings and beverages of choice:)
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