The Beat the Nationally Ranked Dayton Flyers in the Stu Thread


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Feb 12, 2014
Nothing really odd about the line.

Dayton would be a 9/10 pt favorite at home, a 6 point favorite at neutral and they’re a 3 point favorite at the Stu.

A better question would be, “When was the last time VCU was a 3 point home dog to an A-10 team?” Seems like it’s been a while...
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Jan 15, 2020
Forgive me for being a bit on the defensive here but I never said anything to suggest that rambunctiousrowdyram was not a fan, in fact, quite the contrary. I was actually just trying to get folks prepared for, what I think, will be a very electric arena. No need to give examples or charging me for my position on this. Take it easy. If I have offended, Rambunctiousrowdyram, my apologies go to him/her.
No offense taken and those that remember me from as far back as the caazone know I’m not easily offended.

Fanwise I’m hoping the Corp folk bail this game and its a old school SC. We need everything to come together to win.

Oh and if Toppin gets thrown out I’ll river dance with the Peppas. (Though I wish that was with the old Peppas that were nuts.)