The Beat the Nationally Ranked Dayton Flyers in the Stu Thread


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Feb 10, 2009
I hope all the corporate jackholes stay home.

I hope all the fair weather fans burn all their VCU gear and move to Austin.

I hope all the MR second guessers take a big cash payout and move to Baton Rouge.

I really, really hope they ANNOUNCE the sellout streak is broken, so the real fans can hold it over all the people who didn't show up.


I hope we make some threes and hold our own on the boards
Nov 4, 2011
A few other thoughts:

-Chatman has been a suspect ball handler, put pressure on him. Turned the ball over quite a bit in the first match-up, if memory serves.
-When a shot goes up, know where Landers is, he keeps a lot of plays alive and those extra possessions kill you.
-Watson and Crutcher 3s have to be contested, simple as that. They can rack up points in a hurry.
-MR needs to use his timeouts after 3 unanswered baskets. They go on an insane "double digit to nothing" scoring run it seems like every game and you can't allow that to happen.
-"Chop up" Toppin's foot steps, what I mean by that is don't let him get his momentum going, especially towards the basket. Whoever is on him needs to be physical and steer him, cut him off, and make him slow down. Despite the height discrepancy, I think Vince might be a good guard on him, due to his physicality. Corey also needs to play well against him and let MSS do what he does on the weak side.
-Be physical with Mikesell, limit his driving but make him finish at the rim if he does.
-Tschimanga comes in, go rack up some fouls.
-Matos is eh, don't let Cohill get much on you, really just minimize his penetration and if he does, collapse because he might turn the ball over.

-Offensively, this a bigger issue, need more screen activity off ball. And set a screen to create space, not to just run the motions of the play.
-Penetrate and kick, just need to hit our shots. Also have to be aggressive taking the ball to the hole if you're Vann and Jenkins.
-As we discussed earlier, it would be really nice to get Obi in foul trouble. Could be wrong but don't think he's fouled out of a game this year.
-Rebounding margin has been bad all year, have to find a body once a shot goes up, and certainly need to know where Toppin/Landers are.


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Jan 26, 2016
Need a suggestion for a deep watering hole within walking distance to Stu. Liquored up will help.
The camel is 3 blocks west on broad, large, and much easier to get into, and get a drink than the Village. Some of the best pork tacos I've had in the area, anywhere (they smoke their own meats on site), and they have Bulleit orange label.
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May 19, 2015
I can tell you for one @rambunctiousrowdyram is one of the faithful fans... but he's also realistic. Just like me. And lets be honest, even prior to the Mason Loss & the Fur loss (on the road)… there was already a lot of discussion this year about the energy level in the Stu.... was it because of the Band, Lack of Student involvement, the on court promotions in game.... or was it just our play in general that was hurting the environment. Maybe it was a little bit of all of it.

And sure we have a Top 5 team coming into the Stu tomorrow.... and if you just look at the matchup, and don't look at how we've played 3 of the last 4 games... then yeah... there's A LOT to get excited for... It would be like Butler when they came back to the Stu after beating us in the Final 4.... that place was absolutely Bonkers.

However, with the recent trend of events, going from Firmly entrenched in the Top 3... to losing 3 out of 4 games, our starting PG getting hurt AGAIN, and just trying to fight to stay in the Top 8.... and fans with a lot of questions about the "elephant in the room" and who or what it is.

He's got a valid level of concern about whether fans are going to blow the roof off the STU... sure it may start off loud like any game, especially against a Rival or Ranked Opponent....

But what happens if we start struggling offensively again, and what happens if on the defense we are giving up wide open 3's & layups. And what if we give up another 10-0, or 20-0 nothing run again? Which Dayton is certainly capable of as we saw in the first match up before "the sky was falling" for VCU & their fans. The STU would end up being an ice cold environment for everyone except for Dayton & their fans.

Uva, Texas & LSU were most certainly not face value... and if they were someone musta been desperate to get rid of them (for some reason)… because especially for Texas and LSU tickets up in the corners were going for $100 for a ticket.... heck we had posters on here (who I won't call out) who were charging $300+ for a pair of tickets to those games & they were like 20+ rows from the floor & not event center court seats.

If Dayton tickets are going for face value right now.... then clearly it's either fans who can't make the game because it starts too late for them.... or it's people selling extra tickets for face value, because they know that the way we are playing as of late, and with all the fans who think "the sky is falling" or something similar to that.... no one is going to pay $75-100 for a ticket in the corner to come watch Dayton blow the doors off of us.... assuming that's what happens.

I have season tickets, so I don't have to worry about it.... but if I didn't, I certainly would not pay above face value for a ticket to this game knowing what could potentially happen based on how we've played 3 out of the last 4 games..... and I'm a diehard fan.
Forgive me for being a bit on the defensive here but I never said anything to suggest that rambunctiousrowdyram was not a fan, in fact, quite the contrary. I was actually just trying to get folks prepared for, what I think, will be a very electric arena. No need to give examples or charging me for my position on this. Take it easy. If I have offended, Rambunctiousrowdyram, my apologies go to him/her.
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Dec 7, 2011
Need a suggestion for a deep watering hole within walking distance to Stu. Liquored up will help.
Can you define walking distance? There are some nice spots in the Fan along Cary and Main if you are will to walk 15-20 minutes.
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Feb 9, 2010
Very much agree. Toppin is a lazy screen setter at the top of they key, especially in a pick and pop. It's almost like he's too excited in anticipation of getting the ball and doesn't stand his ground long enough. I've seen him do it in pretty much every game of theirs I've watched, and a lot of them could be called as a moving screen. Anyways, yeah, sell it big time (one of ME's specialties). I hate to root for such a lame, inconsequential part of a play, but we're desperate for this one, so I'll take what we can get. Obi foul trouble honestly needs to be a focus.
The best antidote for a lazy screen is to blow it the F up one time—just lay the lumber down. Even if it gets called a foul—dude will need to make life decisions the rest of the game and it gives coach something to put on the ref’s radar.


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Nov 2, 2013
I was actually just trying to get folks prepared for, what I think, will be a very electric arena.
Whatever you do don't apologize nor be led into substantiating your desire to support your team through thick and thin. This is the way some of us are, because we were led to be like this as fans. In my case it was by a former fan. I got you Reid. TY and RIP my brother Reid Goodman.