The Beginnings of VCU Crew Team

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    I arrived at Richmond Professional Institute in the Fall of 1965 and found a nice room on West Avenue to rent and started school... The room was in a house that was owned by an RPI professor, Donal Bowles... He has some wild idea that that RPI needed to put it on the map was a "crew team"... His problem was that he needed arm bodies and he saw me as a potential warm body...

    I had hardly bought my book and found out where the classrooms were when Mr. Bowles started on me... I don't know what he saw... I was 6'1" and weighed in at about 155... He knew that I was a long distance swimmer in high school but that's all he knew so I guess he figured that a least I wasn't afraid of water??? LOL...

    Anyway, I held him off the best I could and never joined the team but I did enjoy watching them practice and meet down off the docks in Fulton Bottom (Rockets)...

    Not sure if VCU still has a team these days but I just thought a little history and a shout out to the founder of the team, Donald Bowles, was in order...


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