The Future of the A10 from a Scheduling Perspective


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Jan 30, 2012
I'm pretty sure this is the key reason why a lot of the people who dislike Ed actually dislike him. I still don't believe the Ryan thing was entirely his call, I think that was a state thing, in which case that issue was inevitable.

The volleyball thing was quite weird and a really bad move, though, I will agree with that, although at the same time, Coach Finley went on to have a mediocre career at Seattle University and was fired from there a couple of years ago after only one winning season.
The volleyball thing wasn't weird, and actually was a good move. All though the way athletics had to handle it made it look bad. Coach Finley was a good coach in that he was able to produce winning teams, and everybody likes a winning team right? The problem is those winning teams were not doing so well academically and the program was about to lose the ability to have post seasons and a few scholarship spots stripped because their Academic Progress Rate was dropping like a stone. It was because of this that Ed had no other choice but to not renew Finley's contract at the end of the fiscal year (basically fire him). Unfortunately, Finley came out and tried to peg it as he was being fired because he was gay, and all Ed could do is pump out the generic PR stuff because he was bound by privacy and confidentiality rules.

As for the Ryan crap, I'm not touching this because it's already been hashed out in countless other threads. As for some of the song choices that others have brought up, like when we're down by 20 and break into something like Rock and Roll Part 2 (The Hay Song), some of that is scripted. For example marketing has us play it in the first called time out in the second half that extends to a full time out. And yes, we cringe at that too, but it sounds like they've come up with some more polished ideas for this season based on what they've learned during last season...

...I'm just happy that we're up to 3 GWAR toons now. I tried to get Ryan to add one to the rotation because, well, they started at VCU and live in Richmond, but what pleases me the most is how much fun my fellow bandmates enjoy playing them...