The Offense

Mar 2, 2014
Could it be that the other teams are better? The other teams execute their offense better? They are prepared to defend a VCU squad that hasn’t adjusted?
Could it be that this team is not as good as we thought it should be? The players are giving it everything they have, so if it isn’t working we need to make some changes. Anything to rattle the mental blocks, both players and coaches. Have we become a one trick pony?
I’ve not played at any level but I understand process. On offense we are not moving. Too much standing around waiting on someone else to make it happen. Change the rules. Next game no 3 shots. Only elbow in. Challenge the players in different ways. It’s more than shots not falling. Right now it seems to be chemistry and maybe coaching. One or both.

You posters who have played have ideas about what needs to be done. Coach has email. Send them in.
Maybe they should try Army drills on Broad street.