The Official Beat FUR Thread


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May 3, 2012
Knowing our marketing dept, I thought that was real.

Our Game Notes say first game against Dayton was Jan 2019 and last game was 2001 NIT...

Anyway 0-7 over the last 2,198 days...
That is how the image shows up on Twitter. At least on my phone it does :lol:
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Apr 21, 2009
It is weird to feel this way but I kind of want them to beat Dayton on Saturday. It would drop UD back a game and VCU will have the opportunity to bring UR back a game on Tuesday. I bet the Vegas line will only be 5 points or less which ends up being a toss up.
Gotta go with Dayton in this game. I want Dayton ranked as high as possible when they come into the Stu. Plus, after their game today, fur basically has a cupcake schedule with the exception of VCU twice and @ Duquesne their last game of the season. Fur is still going to get their wins, which will help VCU when we kick their a$$ twice. Plus, VCU does NOT need to be competing with fur for a #2 seed in the A-10 Tournament.


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Mar 21, 2017
after a hard fought victory over Fordham here is the hot topic on the insects board--

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 11.25.00 AM.png

and no, they are not being sarcastic, ironic, facetious, or anything like that 😂


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Aug 17, 2014
Has anyone ever been on the terraces at UR? What are they like?
I have not been in one but friends who have told me that they had to jockey into position at the wall to look over and see the game. Some people just hang out in the back of the luxury box not watching the game. Also, the ticket for that box corresponds to a ticket in the regular seats so what looks like a bunch of empty seats is actually people in those boxes.