The Official Beat Ole Dirty in the Animal Thread


Apr 19, 2009
In other news, shockingly, an actual human being with a pulse signed on to coach ODU football.

Does he realize he has to live in or around Norfolk. Is the airport there even functional? Last time I flew in there the moldy ceilings were caved in. Not even kidding.

Guess the guy figures he can take some of their money for a few years.

As for his name, don’t remember. It doesn’t really matter.
Their AD was quoted "We were looking for a miracle worker". Hired the offensive Coordinator from Penn State, Ricky ??


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Mar 29, 2010
NC State plays in the toughest conference though and beat Auburn Out of conference last year who was a 5 seed and made the final four. Anyways those examples show that the NET isn’t much of an indicator of making the dance. That’s a huge difference between a team with a NET of 33 not making it while a team with a NET of 73 making it. 40 point NET difference.
The Selection committee has been consistent for many years now. They put a lot of weight on a team‘s non-conference schedule. Who you played, where you played and how you did. That’s why NC State was left out last year, even with their victory over Auburn.