May 4, 2012
And honestly.. sometimes it’s not even the other team really going on an “offensive” run - sometimes it’s just US that can’t make a single FG for 8-10 minutes. Combined with god awful defense we thrown in there... It’s truly pathetic.
We started flinging 3s and not rebounding in 2nd qtr and things turned to poope. It was all over after that. We needed more bigs and Rhoades opted for wings. Its really not that difficult to see why we are as we are.
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Apr 19, 2009
I really hope Ace is the real deal next year. This team is seriously lacking a real pg. We just had a freshman pg get 12 dimes on us. We have not had close to double digits assists since Johnny Williams.
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Mar 22, 2013
The same thing happened a decent amount last year as well. It seems to me that when the drought happens are they missing open shots vs just being completely flustered.
Last year we had a make something out of nothing guy. This year we've had one off and on. Mostly off.

Giving up a run repeatedly gets in guys' heads - more than one thinks they have to be the one to turn it around and put up a quick shot. If (when, lately) that misses, it's a vicious cycle. The big problem all year has been having a dynamic scorer who's limited, or in Bones's case, a freshman. It cuts into confidence and that can compound quickly.

Luckily, that sort of thing can turn around really, really quickly. Had we won the Dayton game I'd have taken us to win the rest of the season. Since we didn't, something else will have to be the catalyst. Of course I thought the Davidson win was that springboard; thus far it's been a rake to the face.
Apr 24, 2009
Continuous losing is like cancer, you may see some of the signs on the surface, but the true damage is inside. There's so much pressure that's on this team from the pressure for them to produce and win to the standard of VCU and the expectation placed on them from everyone expecting them to meet the projections of a ranked team and a conference championship. That kind of pressure affects each person differently. Every one of them wants to win, no one gets on the court to lose. There are so many variables in play here. Coach preaches to play ACL... how do you play loose when you lost 4 in a row and are trying to stem the tide? How do you play confident when you haven't made shots and are going to take another to prevent a blowout?

It's selfish, but I want this team to just play without the expectation and with the same grit and drive that we've seen before. I don't care if we lose anymore. I just want to see some fire in this team.


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Aug 26, 2016
So I guess we are gonna hang out in the A-10 for another season or two, or are we replacing UNC in the ACC?
Even though was are playing as bad as the boys in blue, next year THEY will likely put another top 10 team on the floor and pick up where they left off last season.
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