Jan 1, 2010
Let the few whiny quitters bail. The real Ram fans never bail. I remember when folks bailed years ago and gave up their season tickets, those folks returned and now sit in much worse seats. Some fools that were Capitol Campaign members even bailed and now they have to pay thousands more for the same seats.
Anyone ready to bail, ask yourself are you only a fan if they win.

I am 100 times more angry and disapponted at the fools posting negatives and hateful things on social media about our players and coach than I am about losing a bunch of games. Every one of the losers posting that crap on Facebook need to be called out.

Rough period for Ram Fans, 1000 times rougher period for the guys who have worked so hard to play on the team.
I’m a fan. But the “quality” of play...jeez (are the guys working hard for 40 minutes) hmmm 🤔
some disjunction going on that’s not worth the price of admission.
I’ve watched every game I can. But tonight i saw “same” pattern so CHOSE to turn it off
I’ll turn on the next game and hope for better effort

I’ll proudly watch a good loss
but not this

as a Browns fan I applaud your dedication.
u are correct in that seats will go unpurchased because
Most people don’t/won’t pay for “a bad show”


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Feb 18, 2018
Here we go. Insights from Rhoades interview with Litos:

-We have to come together, execute, and stick to the plan.

-We have to adjust.

-We need to play the right way.

-We need to fight...and find a way to win.

-We aren't making excuses.

-We have to fight, and stick together, and shore up some stuff.

Can't figure why the guys would tune him out.
Did he also mention that we have to be 'dudes'??????????????
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Feb 23, 2013
Oh, I just read about my negativity on the + fans Facebook page!🙄😳😂. I said expectations for this team were justifiably high based on returning seniors, preseason conference #1, top 25 ranking early on.
I should know “this is not the NBA” 🤷‍♀️
That FB page is brutal. Lots of followers calling for a coach. It's laughable. These are the same fans that b#$ch every time we lose a coach to a P5 conference.


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Feb 23, 2013
Honestly when they went to a zone trap it was the only time they made stops

they need to play more of it bc this is the worst man/man defensive team I’ve seen in a long time!
I think a lot of that poor man/man defense comes from the different combinations of players o. the floor tonight. Guys out there not accustomed to playing in real time with each other. It's a steep learning curve for guys like Ward. They'll catch on, but not as fast as some of us would like.
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