The Official Beat the Bunnies of SBU in the Animal Thread

Jan 20, 2021

Was Leo killed at the end of the Departed because Matt Damon was a fan of the Spiders?

NEVER liked Damon! He's just mad VCU has won 13 of the last 18.


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Apr 24, 2009
Back in the day I had to create a website for my HTML programming class, so I created a music review website and hosted it on GeoCities. That stupid thing got me a few press passes and amazing access to some concerts with the most memorable one being the '99 Ozzfest where they kept us in an area between shoots which was to be used as a VIP section later in the day. There were some kegerators back there but the beer lines were turned off, but I was able to turn 'em on and basically all of the press ended up being lit as we killed the keg. The reality is I didn't actually need to get in free that way since I worked at a music store and the labels were always giving me comp tickets, but basically if you act like you're supposed to be somewhere with enough confidence and create some shady credentials you can get in just about anywhere...

Note, my reviews weren't all that bad, but the photos never really made it up due to the crappy scanner I had.

Anyway, it's time for revenge. lets crush this team who chose turd brown as their school color.
VCU, Go Rams GO!!!
Are there any other schools with turd brown in their colors?