The Official Beat The Fayers in Ohio Thread

Jan 6, 2020
Tonight was not only potentially the beginning of the end of VCU's at-large chances this season, but it could even be the beginning of the end of an entire era of success and dominance at VCU that has been built up for literally more than a decade, if everyone doesn't come to their senses very quickly. VCU now has five losses this season, and they have been against the five best teams we've faced. In other words, this is not a fluke but rather the reality and byproduct of having a legitimately subpar, or even poor and lackluster, team, if the standard is to be in a position to earn an at-large bid in the NCAA Tournament, which was starting to become the standard at VCU. Very hard to deny this after tonight. The team is simply broken. Offense is an absolute travesty, and there legitimately may be some DII or DIII teams that could beat us on the right day. Bones Hyland needs to start for Marcus Evans immediately. Marcus is a warrior for fighting through so many tough injuries, but his body is just not there to compete at a high D1 level anymore. He's an absolute turnover machine. Machine! Santos Silva is the only consistently great, or even good, player for VCU night and night out. Vann has totally forgotten how to play basketball. Vince Williams alternates between shooting smooth swishes and horrific bricks every game. Rhoades is showing very little emotion even as we get our tail kicked. Somehow, nearly a decade after the Final Four team and then, after that, Briante Weber, we seem to have completely regressed in terms of passion and intensity on the court. If VCU doesn't land an at-large berth and doesn't win the A-10 Tournament, VCU will have missed the Big Dance 2 of 3 years under Rhoades. Haven't been back to the Sweet 16 since 2011 Final Four run. Meanwhile, Butler is the No. 6 team in the country. Scary, scary times folks.
Ha, I am sorry, but in my opinion you're not correct in anything you say.

End of an era? What are you talking about? VCU is one of the PREMIER mid majors in America...the only other team who is on that level? Wichita State and their history rivals ours. Purdue? Lost by 3, Tennessee? Lost by 3 AT THE BUZZER on a fadeaway 30 footer out of bounds. Wichita state? Last time they lost at home out of conference? VCU. That team is like 115-1 since 2011 with non conference opponents. They've also secured #1 seeds in the last decade.

The team is broken? Okay, so what's broken? Vanns slump? He gets the hardest D assignment most nights - you should look up his opponents average and see what he scores possession wise when Vann gaurds. Evans slump? Okay, but ME job is different this year. MSS taking half the production away (wasn't doing that last season) - you also do have bones, but he's still a freshman. LSU - bones comes in right at the turning point of the game and has 2 turnovers trying to bring it up - what does MR do? Realize this is too much for a frosh and get Crow in the game to get it across...DJ bangs a big three and the rest is history. Bones is not ready to take the entire weight on his shoulders.

Marcus? So you're going to sit here and tell me that 115+ games as a starter, right under 2000 career point scorer and pre season all A10 should be benched? That's outlandish and so wrong it's not even funny. Marcus Evans LEADS THAT PRESS. Bones can't stay out of foul trouble. The fact you'd even allude to ME not starting with those accolades and 5th year SENIOR

Vince? He's been hurt all pre season, that D and press take time to get back into cardio wise.

Do you understand how hard it is to win in the NCAA tournament, much less get to the final four? How many times is Duke #1 seed with 5 star kids going top 10 in the lottery...and they don't make it.

You know how many schools will call for MR after this year? He's done so much with so little of his talent...

Those kids LOVE MR and he's one of the best coaches in AMERICA. He does things right and he's building a culture. He's only in his 3rd year - still needs time to get his kids to do what we need to do. Next year's recruiting class? Top 50 right now and #1 in the A-10 and he still has a scholarship left AND someone always transfers. SO again...I ask...what are you talking about?

You want to know what needs to change? Their defense. Defense is a choice. You either play or you don't and the intelligence it takes to run MR defense and press...if you've never played defense in your life before (insert ALL AAU teams here), it's incredibly hard to undo that habit of watching the ball go by and look at your man and go, "whose man was that?". They're getting killed on the back side help. When someone drives baseline that backside help HAS to slide to create a 3 D perimeter - the original man guarding the ball, the help slide and the out of bounds where we are gettting killed is no one is sliding to help the man who originally SLID to help the baseline drive. If you don't rotate as a one, then you have a double with someones man wide open. The idea is to make them pass to the farthest man away so you can close out low, hand high and recover and make them use the entire shot clock. Dayton broke that press beautifully last night. Our D is 25th in america right was top 5 statistically most of last season...gotta D up. Our D leads to our offense. They want to run. I do agree the offense is stagnant. Good ball movement moves a D around creating opportunity for a dump to MSS or assisted three point shot with a shooter coming to the ball and stepping into his shot (DJ, Simms etc).

Another thing we have to do is fill those lanes on a fast break. ME or bones always there for an outlet, we need the wingers to fill those wings to expand the defense...even if we have to pull back, you have a trailer coming in MSS and you're still in a fast break O, it's called secondary. This is where you get that great high low from the wing, to the top, down to MSS, AND 1 let's freaking go.

MR will steer this ship right and Dayton is VERY good...Obi might go top 10. Patience my friend, patience!


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Mar 8, 2011
With all of the experience Rhoades has, I just don’t understand how his gameplan with lack of any adjustments or player development is the best he’s got.
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Apr 21, 2009
I think my challenge this year is where are the seniors? We are a senior heavy squad (one is hurt, but he ain't starting) and it its like where are they? I didn't expect to beat Dayton at Dayton, but URI at home? My only hope (and highly unlikely) is this senior heavy squad will flounder like we did in 2011 with home losses to JMU, etc and somehow make a run in the tourney. Not giving up on this team but just disappointed. Was Michael Gilmore and Sean Mobley really the key to our success last year?
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May 19, 2009
Tonight I want to see some confidence out of our players. I wanna see them come out ticked off..... but I also wanna see them be smart & I wanna see them actually try to run actual plays to get our guys open.

Run plays to get Silva open down low... when he gets the pass down low.... if he's doubled... kick it out to the open shooter.

I wanna see our players attacking the rim in a SMART WAY.... not running into a crowded paint trying to draw fouls that will never get called, but instead setting screens & opening lanes for other players.

Play unselfish basketball. If someone gets a hot hand early.... keep feeding them until Dayton shuts them down, then go to the next hot hand. I don't care if it means Silva goes for 40+ points all on layups/dunks.

I wanna see ME come close to (or acutally get) a double double tonight.... 10+ pts (which is certainly doable)… AND close to 10 assists

I also wanna see IV attack the rim strong early & often.... if he does that, one of two things will happen.... he will make the layups/dunks.... or he will get the foul called & go to the line, where he remains strong.... despite his shooting woes elsewhere. Either way, it will get his confidence going & will help him snap out of this offensive funk he is in. I don't know why, but I think tonight will be a coming out party for IV. Just call it a gut instinct, hope I'm right.

I don't know what Toppin's status is.... but regardless, he surely can not be 100%, we need to take advantage of that, whether he plays or not.
So looking back at last night's game & what I had hoped to see....

In the first 23 mins (so first half, plus first 3 mins of the 2nd half) I thought we played with a good amount of confidence & at different times it looked like they were ticked off about the last loss & they came out playing aggressive, attacking the basket. 11-21 inside the arc in the first half.

A couple times I saw us get the ball down low to Silva.... and then he kicked it out to an open guy on the perimeter. Also we had very balanced scoring in the first half.... bones had 12, Silva had 6, DJ & Evans had 4 each.... and Vann had 7.

Also, we looked really good at times, when we were actually setting screens and running set plays to get guys an open look.

Speaking of Vann, that first half was exactly what I was hoping to see. He was attacking the basket better, and kept putting up shots, sure some were off balance... but he still managed to get 1 or 2 of them to go. He also drew a foul and got to the line (even though he missed the FTs... but still).

Then after those 2 missed 3's early in the 2nd half by Vann.... the wheels just fell off for the entire team as Dayton just steam rolled us for a good 6 minutes and that was pretty much the killer for us.... despite DJ & Silva trying to do w/e they could to bring us back.

My question is... Bones had a hot hand in the first half... why did we stop going to him in the 2nd half? He played 11 minutes in 2nd half.... and only took 2 shots? Also same question for Vann? Why did he only take those 2 shots in the 2nd half?
Dec 16, 2013
at this stage of the season Dayton is simply a better team with better individual talent then VCU. VCU was an offensively challenged team last year and remains one this season, that is not going to change much (though we will have a few games that we hit 50-60% of our shots, especially if we are able to run freely).
Our success is only going to come from playing top 50 defense with pressure to win the battle of turnovers, limiting our opponents second shots and moving the ball on offense to get open shots and converting them
I would love to see us get a little tougher on the court but just not sure that is in the offing for the remainder of the season. We remain more of a finesse team
I remain an optimist about this team but those seniors need to start playing with a little bit more of urgency as their collegiate careers draw toward a close.
The only banana peel game we have had so far is URI, (simply because we should not lose home conference games to teams when we have so much experience and probably more talent than our opponent) SOOO the sky is not falling yet
and top 2 to 4 is still doable in the conference (double bye in Brooklyn)
This is not to say I am not frustrated a little - I am, like most of you
But I have been a RAM fan for over 40 years and will remain so through thick and thin and I still believe in this team
Go RAMS and let's put a 20 point drubbing on the Bonnies this weekend


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Jan 26, 2016
Then after those 2 missed 3's early in the 2nd half by Vann.... the wheels just fell off for the entire team as Dayton just steam rolled us for a good 6 minutes and that was pretty much the killer for us.... despite DJ & Silva trying to do w/e they could to bring us back.

My question is... Bones had a hot hand in the first half... why did we stop going to him in the 2nd half? He played 11 minutes in 2nd half.... and only took 2 shots? Also same question for Vann? Why did he only take those 2 shots in the 2nd half?
I'd wholeheartedly agree about the first half. I was believing they could pull off a win if they could hang around.

The second half could be any number of things, but it seemed like Dayton adjusted their game, and stopped what VCU was doing successfully in the first half. So was that the kids just missing opportunities, not being able to step up, or our coaches not adjusting ?

Last season defense was the key to many wins. Time to make it tough for the opposition to score, wear them out, and use that to create offensive opportunities. Works for UVA.
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