The Official Beat The Fayers in Ohio Thread

May 4, 2012
I’m not here to spam any threads or get into a back and forth. Just saw a question posted about Obi and his recruitment and figured I’d provide a little insight into Dayton’s roster construction. Thought it might be of interest since our coach used to be your coach, we play in the same conference, and we have another game coming up against each other.

Admittedly, I don’t post here much at all, but I created a profile about 4 years ago. Didn’t just sign up to gloat - I don’t think you’ll see any gloating in any of my posts. I enjoy following and rooting for the other A10 teams as it’s good for all of us if we win in the non conference and postseason. I was at UD Arena rooting for VCU in the First Four to beat USC, and loved it when you guys made it to Houston.

I hope Marcus Evans is healthy and tears it up, you guys make the Dance, and we end up with a couple A10 teams in the Sweet Sixteen.
Most of us appreciate the insight.