The Official Beat the GooMoos (Again) in the Animal Thread


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Dec 9, 2010
Check my post history?

If anything I probably am overly optimistic on this forum. This has been an embarrassing display thus far.
I was down on this team in November, and posters said the same thing (when I’d never been anything but positive). Posters will call you anything on here, it’s turned me off of VCURN a bit.
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Jan 11, 2013
I was not directing at you. Generally speaking there's been a lot of whining when we need to believe. Sorry that's just me.
The trolls always show up.

That said, this was just a game that was executed very very poorly from MR on a strategic level. Evans is hurt and isn't able to be what he was previously, MR seems to continue to ignore this fact. All that said, Deri, MSS, and Bones have played well tonight.