The Official Beat the GooMoos (Again) in the Animal Thread

Finance Ram 10

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Jan 11, 2013
He may not have a choice. Evans was not looking good. May be the hyland crow show for a few games
Who knows... I mean, Evans injured his knee in the first four minutes of the game, which was obvious watching the game as soon as it happened. He ended the game with 18 overall minutes, efficiency rate of -6, score a single point(on a free throw), missed every 2pt and 3pt shot he took, and managed one assist to his one turnover. He shouldn't have played when there are clearly better options, given the injury.
May 4, 2012
Why is it, that you have not shown up all season long and then all of a sudden show up to punk us when we sh!t the bed against the one single team we should have beaten this year but end up losing?
I mean, I am a Ram fan and am upset about about losing this game. But your moniker is in complete opposition to everything you have posted about VCU for the last several years.
He posts about the coach, not about the team. Coukd get on that most games really.


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Aug 26, 2016
Can’t believe I’m about to praise UMASS but McCall after not seeing his starters fight in the first two or three minutes, benched all of them and it certainly lit a fire under them while they watched the second team play tough. Wish coach would sometimes let someone like McCallister or Ward get some run when the seniors are piddle paddling around. Jacking up threes when they could’ve worked harder to get it to MSS is unacceptable.
Cox didn’t start Fatts after the Brown loss and he came out with a vengeance and kicked our a$$