The Official Beat the GW Colonials in the Stu Thread

May 4, 2012
any injury updates as yet ? not expecting Evans but not sure if Douglas is out for the duration or what. Hyland appears to be a walking wounded.


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Aug 17, 2014
We need you there, but, not if you are not feeling well. The Stu will not be the same without you!
I hope you can make it. Feel better.
Sold both tickets to my neighbor. She’s been to numerous games with me and is a GREAT RAM FAN! She was THRILLED to be able to go. Her husband gets to go with her, his first VCU game!

Havoc City

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Nov 8, 2014
Please list all the A10 teams that could lose the top point guard , and have an injury to the the top big, and not miss a beat.
I'll wait.
First of all, Corey isn't our top big. Regardless, we both agree that all the teams in the A10 would "miss a beat" under the scenario you describe. But that's not what's happened this year, is it? This is a complete implosion, which can't simply be explained away by injury.
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Jun 20, 2011
Kenpom’s prediction is 74-60 with a 88% chance of victory for the good guys.
I didn't see Kenpom as our last few games. ; ). I have said this before but it means more today than many times in the past, fans need to be there early and with positive energy. If we get off to a slow start the firts minute, fan reaction needs to be the opposite of what is being felt (here we go again). We need to STAND, cheer support and INJECT the Rams with Warmth and Energy.

This we need to do!!! This we MUST DO!