The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams of Rhode Island In The Animal Thread


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Feb 10, 2009


Wolfpack Ram

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Apr 21, 2009
This game concerns me big time. Rhode Island has had VCU's number recently. VCU is 1-8 against Rhode Island in the last nine meetings. VCU also has a career losing record (7-10) against Rhode Island. Rhode Island is the only school in the A-10 that VCU has a career losing record against. It's time to flip the script against these guys and their jacka$$ coach.

Below are VCU's career records against other A-10 teams (through yesterday's game):

Davidson 7-6
Dayton 11-7
Duquesne 7-1
Fordham 10-1
fmason 43-21
GW 15-3
La Salle 9-2
UMass 7-3
Rhode Island 7-10
fur 54-31
Saint Louis 10-4
St. Bonaventure 6-4
St. Joe's 9-5