The Official Beat the La Salle Explorers in Philly Thread


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Dec 22, 2009
I took the alumni bus up to the La Salle game in 2014 with my dad and it was such a fun experience! We went to a VCU Alumni Event at The Fieldhouse by Independence Hall on Friday night and we definitely had the liquid confidence to take a cab to Pat’s for some outdoor cheesesteaks in 16deg weather. At the noon game on Saturday, we randomly saw my dad’s brother (my uncle) and his friend who were on their way to Atlantic City, but wanted to catch some college basketball on the way there. Of course The Freight Train dominated with 34 or so points and we came back to tie the game in regulation and win in 2OT. And..... after the win, Gerald Henderson hopped on the alumni bus before we left and thanked all the fans for coming.

I think my dad and I may wing it and make a day trip on Saturday. I’ll keep y’all posted!
Feb 10, 2009
Let's win them all. Dayton at the Stu will be the hardest in 2020, but I think we need to go undefeated the rest of the way!!

Beat Explorers!!
gonna have to; we have lost lots of traction


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Apr 20, 2009
Bump to top... can't overlook any team, especially those who have nothing to lose.

Beat the Dora's. Go Ram's!
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Feb 1, 2016

Or try something different and get the brisket sandwich at DiNic’s in Reading Terminal.
There's a place in Claymont, DE, which is practically within sight of the Pennsylvania line, that has the absolute best hoagies I've ever had. It's called the Claymont Steak Shop. You can eat there, or they can package them to go. When you order "to go" they wrap the meat in aluminum foil or saran wrap, and then put the wrapped meat inside the bun, so the bun doesn't get all soggy. My family is from Chester, PA, and we used to always stop there on the way home from visiting relatives.
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