The Official Beat The Louisiana State Bayou Tigers in the Animal Thread


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Apr 5, 2009
After studying our first two games, how does Willie play us? Whats his game plan?
May 1, 2009
We need to play an inside out game.....or at least get the ball to our post players in the paint. If they can't get a bucket they can pass it back out. We must continually try to get the ball into the paint/pass it into the paint as part of our half court offense. Every time we get into a half court offensive set we MUST get the ball into the post. If LSU packs the post as I suspect they will, then we just pass it back out. By passing it into the post it will collapse the defense leaving our perimeter guys a bit more open to shoot the ball. If all we are going to do is play a game of horse around the perimeter and just pass it back and forth around the 3 point line then we are in for a long night.
If LSU wants to pack the post then let's make them really pack the inside out, pass it to our low post guys and let them pass it back out or drive the lane with the express objective of finding a guy who is free on the perimeter to pass the ball to. If LSU wants to pack the post let's force them jam pack the post!
If we make them pack the post tightly and we have guys open....and they hit the three, the post will open up for us. But we can't just be one dimensional and pass it around the 3 point line most of the game....that would be a very unsavory recipe.


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Apr 22, 2009
Watched Ole Willy tonight. Lsu looks like they don't shoot many threes and don't make many threes but they're pretty good inside the line. I wasn't impressed but then again we weren't very impressive tonight either.
Wade has a bunch of new juco and transfers.
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Apr 21, 2009
I wonder what effect the 1-2 game LSU/ Bama is going to have on LSU. I almost wish our game was Monday night instead of Wed. to get max distraction factor.