The Official Beat The Louisiana State Bayou Tigers in the Animal Thread

May 3, 2012
As much as I hate to admit it, When you watch it in replay, the call was correct. Live it probably looked bad, but Evans leaned a little to the left in order to make contact.
Apparently you are not aware of the forum policy, whereby no VCU player ever makes a foul and forum members are not allowed to say they did.
P.S. I watched the replay and, well, sort of maybe, I don't know... you may be right... notice I didn't say the ref was right.


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Jan 7, 2017
All I can say is WOW! I was not at the STU the night we opened it and beat Louisville. Tonight was amazing, it rivaled the Butler game. The STU was alive! Go RAMS!!!!
I always regretted not being able to attend the Butler game or the Texas game (darn you, work!!), but tonight was so, so special. I’ve been to many games and have never heard the Stu as loud as it was tonight. My
10 month old daughter’s first game, too! She picked a good one!


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Apr 20, 2009
Yes. If you start missing 3's a few possessions in s row then you reconsider your strategy and work.for higher percentage shots. As MR always says "you log the game".
You are basically talking about two guys, Jenkins and Evans and they are always going to pretty much have the green light. So that's not really a "strategy." You also seem to operate on the premise that there isn't another team on the court and VCU dictates everything that happens no matter who we play. I think you're crazy to think given the quality of our opponent and the talent on the floor that we should've blown them out simply by taking fewer threes.
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Havoc City

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Nov 8, 2014
It's 4 a.m. and I can't sleep because I'm still jacked about what happened tonight. I love our coach. I love the toughness of our players. I love the creativity and passion of our fans. I'm going to be wrecked at work tomorrow, but who cares. Havoc is alive and well, and I can't wait to see everyone again on Sunday. Go Rams!


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Apr 21, 2009
We had them down by 14 in the second half from hitting a few 3's. But then we fell in love with it, jacked up a bunch a quick 3's continuing to.get to the rim off the bounce. LSU started to get to.the rim off long rebounds from our missed 3's and boom...lsu is back in the game.

We should have continued to work the ball in the offense to find a.good shot rather than jacking up 3.

I am watching purdue/marquette. .Purdue is up 38-20 , blowing the doors off marquette because they stick with the game plan.

We have to stick with.the offensive game plan, play inside.out for 40 and move the ball from side to.side against purdue or we will share marquette's fate.
Really hope we share Marquette's fate......


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Apr 20, 2009
Bones plays 15 minutes. Only 2 turnovers. Pretty impressive. And adds 5 pts for good measure. Did I mention I like this kid? Looked up to the task at hand.
He definitely had his moments. Also proved he not quite ready for prime time yet when Evans fouled out. But this is only game three of his career.
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