The Official Beat The Louisiana State Bayou Tigers in the Animal Thread

N Mollen

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Jun 5, 2012
If we want to be a contender we need to be shooting much higher than the national average. At least in the top 60 imo. Any idea where we rank in shooting percentages?
If we are shooting at an average level and defending at an elite level will be very tough t beat. I don;t think this team will ever be in the top 60 in shooting and I don't think they have to be.


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Apr 22, 2009
You know, the facts are actually available to you if you look for them. You don't have to just make sh!t up.

We outscored them 14-9 in fast break points. So no, this is inaccurate.
So now I am making crap up. Go ahead - fact check my numbers

Look at the box scores - teams stats tab on each game referenced above.


N Mollen

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Jun 5, 2012


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May 19, 2009
You and I agree on taking bad 3 pts. Jackes up 3 ptrs = bad 3 ptrs. Good 3 ptrs = uncontested 3 pt shots as a result of sharing the basketball.

Look at last night's box score below:

LSU beat us 46-30 points in the paint for

We shot 2-12 from 3 in the second half and 9 -30 from 2 pt range while lsu 17-32 from 2.

17 - 9 = 8 2 pt. fg difference or +16 in the paint for LSU.

There you have it LSU got easy layups in transition from long rebounds on VCU's 3 pts missed in the second half.

This game should not have been that close because we outscored them in the paint in the.first half.34-28.

Lets dive into last year's schedule and look at
Sample of wins from the streak.

Dusquene score 80 - 64, paint VCU 48-28
Mason 79-63, paint vcu 42-28
GW 60-50, paint vcu 34-20
Bonny 85-55, paint VCU 39-21
UR 1st time 80-61, paint vcu 34-24
UR 2nd time 69-66, paint vcu 46-24.

Notice we decisively outscored our opponents in the paint regardless of our 3 pt shooting.

That is our offensive identity. are like "No DL, we win with 3's, it can't be 2's".

I remind the old times, JD Barnett won exactly the.same way. We got into the paint and outscored the opposition at the FT line 99% of the time. Nothing wrong with fundamentally sound half court basketball. Its is tried and true formula.
Jacking up 3's means taking a lot of them..... not necessarily that they're bad ones. If you look a stat sheet and see that a team took 100 3 pointers.... that would be considered "Jacking up 3's".... but you can't tell just by looking at a stat sheet what is a bad 3 pt attempt & what isn't a bad 3 pt attempt.

If DJ or Marcus take 1 3 pointer the whole game.... and it's a flat out terrible look.... that is not considered "Jacking up"..... also just because a shot missed... that does not make it considered "jacking up".

Also.... Not all 2 point looks are good looks. Is Marcus Evans driving into a crowded paint and uncontrollably trying to go up for a basket & trying to draw a foul in the middle of 3 players a good shot? He11 no its not..... especially not for someone like him who has a history of injuries... and serious ones at that. And if there's that many people in the paint.... that means there's at least 1 other player wide open on the court somewhere.

No one is saying It Can't be 2's..... you are saying it has to be 2's and that it can't or shouldn't be 3's.

Sure VCU Took 28 3's last night.... but I think going through this thread, there's a total of like 3 or 4 3-point attempts last night that people said was a bad look..... 3 or 4 out of 28.... that's still 24-25 Good/decent/ok Looks.

Also I love how you only picked 6 games.... out of all last season like those 6 games are the only one that counts.

Last night what made the game closer than it should've been was the defense.... not entirely the offense. LSU got 15 offensive rebounds.... What was the average number of offensive rebounds we gave up in that 12 game win streak you talked about from last year? And while LSU took only 17 3's.... several of the ones they hit, were wide open. And in the paint..... LSU shot 24 of 43.... thats roughly 56% from inside the arc.... and LSU was 14 of 22 from inside the Arc in the 2nd half, and had 9 of their 15 offensive rebounds in the 2nd half...... THAT'S WHY LSU MADE IT A GAME. Not just because of our rough shooting in the 2nd half.

Anyway.... Have fun with your clouded judgement..... again go back and look at our losses last year. Sure there were games that we shot terrible from 3... but I guarantee you there were other reasons we lost those same games.... Committing too many Turnovers, Getting out rebounded, Getting into Foul Trouble.... etc.
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Apr 21, 2009
I think Ward is going to ease into getting time soon. The team has lots of depth so it is hard to get out there. His time will come.
Plus, of all the newcomers didn’t he have the least amount of preseason practice due to delays in getting back in the country?
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Ululating Daddy

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Jan 13, 2016
It was a tough, gutty win. I'm going to watch the DVR tonight and soak it all in. But I guarantee MR had the guys watching tape and starting to work on the game plan for Jacksonville State first thing this morning. On to the next!
Feb 10, 2009
Y’all. We just beat the SEC regular season champs. Can’t you wallow around in it for at least 24 hours before you start beefin with each other. Such a drag.
last year
we did pretty good last year too