The Official Beat The Minutemen of UMass in the Animal Postponed (again)


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Mar 2, 2013

Nice! Let's keep this momentum rolling!


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Feb 1, 2016
I contend that the reason we lost the St. Bona game was because @BigE didn’t start the game thread. We’re back on track now.
I'm glad to hear it was BigE's fault, because I've been blaming my 16 year old son. He forgot to put on a VCU shirt that day, and didn't feel like changing before the game. I told him before the game started that it would be his fault if they lost, and I've been mentioning it here and there ever since. Yesterday, he wore his VCU shirt and ... voila! He must have actually taken my ribbing to heart, because after the first half he refused to leave the couch because VCU was playing so well. He had to go to the bathroom pretty badly by the end of the game, but he suffered on our behalf.