The Official beat the Shockers of Wichita State University Thread


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Apr 19, 2009
"I think a lot of us were just hoping this could be a special team. To be fair they could still be."

That's the key. Why act like that's off the table at this point when it's not (not saying that you are)?
It definitely isn’t. So much can change and I hope it does. I think for most people that aren’t happy it’s that the early returns aren’t what were hoped for.

When you have this many returning contributors you hope that the bumps and “learning opportunities” we use to comfort ourselves when we lose big games we hoped to win won’t be necessary. Reverting back to the status quo is mildly disappointing but by no means the end of the road.

I think people expressing some level of dissatisfaction with our early season performance (within reason, of course) isn’t all that outrageous (not saying that’s what you’re saying either). Our record is fine, nothing to crap on. I just think people hoped for more this year.

Either way, ‘Go Rams!’.


Jan 23, 2013


Jan 23, 2013
If you want to get technical, be my guest. He signed in the early period and could’ve asked out of the the LOI like the others did when MR came on board but he stayed the course.
You mean, if I want to ignore false narratives and alternative facts?

He was recruited and signed all while WW was coach. No question he could have asked out, but your statement was that he was essentially MR's recruit because he signed while MR was coach. The facts are that MR wouldn't be back on campus until about 4 months after Silva signed.


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Dec 6, 2013
I'll chime in. This team is good. This team is quick. We can turn you over with our speed. We recover well on defense. We are deep. What we also are is soft. We shouldn't give up offensive rebounds where the offensive player gets the rebound on the first or second bounce of the ball off the floor. Go get the boards...that's man work and softies don't want to do it. 50-50 balls?? More like 5-95 balls. Our guys don't go after them. They're soft. That "floor-burn" video before games at the Stu is a joke. Play through contact? No, get brushed by a jersey that's not properly tucked and go rolling like a soccer player looking for a call. Soft. Teams with at least decent talent that push us around and play physical are going to beat us.
This is the one thing that truly troubles me. I can deal with Evans not being on his A game right now, Malik injured, Vince not playing up to the same level yet, etc. However, the lack of boxing out, not hustling after balls (particularly the multiple floor bounces that you mentioned), and on O not moving toward the ball on passes or coming to the ball to help someone under pressure-these are things that should not be happening. Particularly with an experienced team.


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Jan 19, 2010
It's a good thing the coaching staff and team don't panic every time they stub their toes like some of the whiners on here.
I should hope not. They are paid professionals. The rest of us Amateurs, we have to luxury of the sky is falling panic. Reason being it doesnt matter one way or the other.

The Coaching staff and team on the other hand that's another story. I dont like what I see but I do think we competed well and achieved a reasonable outcome. As Lito's points out we really didn't have a bad loss. We just didnt get over the hump in the 3 losses.

Fwiw, if we get 2 maybe 3 favorable bounces in the Purdue/Tenn games we are 11-1 and talking about the Elite 8 and how we are going to run the table in the A10.

News flash, they are the same team, at the very least they will make the NCAA tournament, and they'll win a game or two dependent upon matchup.


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Dec 4, 2014

Another observation.........

In both wins and losses, Mike and staff probably need to revisit (some aspects of) their understanding of and thought processes regarding

1) timeout use/management (stopping momentum, after makes, late game, strategy re-sets/reminders, etc)
2) late game execution/strategy and clock management (when protecting a lead or coming from behind, fouling or not, who is in the game, fouling or keeping the ball from the right folks, guarding the three, using clock, etc)
3) foul trouble/management philosophy (pulling a guy with two early, three early in second half, going zone for a few to protect against further foul trouble, etc)
4) player rotations (substitution patterns, late half/game offense/defense subs, minutes allocations, riding the hot hand, etc)
5) switching/mixing up defensive looks and approaches at timely junctures
6) use of creative/different offensive sets and approaches (lobs, two bigs, leak outs, back doors, etc)
7) overall game flow management (regarding frequency/timing of substitutions, strategy, referee mgmt, in-game adjustments/changing quickly on the fly, etc)

There have been some patterns over the last few years that are (still) head-scratching (in both wins and losses) and it begs the question how much attention is being paid to analytics, different philosophies/approaches, recent trends/evolution, etc.
Someone on the staff needs to sit down w/ Mike and have a good 'ole fashioned game mgmt/strategy/tactics 101 discussion with him. It almost, at times, seems like he's trying to sabotage himself with some of the questionable decisions he makes (and some fairly obvious ones he doesn't).

Wonder how much he and his assistants discuss, understand, and communicate time and clock, situational awareness, opponent foul trouble/foul situation, possession arrow, 2 for 1's under a minute, momentum heading into a half, riding the hot hand, milking the clock, timeout usage, substitution patterns/game flow, etc with/to the team and each other before, during, and after games (film sessions). Seems like we don't always make the fairly obvious basketball IQ play and coaching decision when we should.

Dozens upon dozens of examples for two seasons and thru these 15 games but one sequence in particular at GMU................up 31-22, grab a board and give to Evans w/ about 29 seconds remaining in the half (shot clock basically the same). Spread the floor, prep for final shot of half, go in up 9 (worse case) or more. Could've possibly even used a timeout there to draw up a play to maybe get a clean look at a trey to potentially head in up 12. Regardless, Mason never should've touched the ball the rest of the first half.

Instead, Evans barrels to the hole w/ 24 seconds remaining (fortunately he got fouled). Then, defending the last possession of the half, Evans goes for a steal up top (unnecessarily) and leaves his guy for a wide open corner trey at the gun (fortunately he misses). We go in up 11 but it could've easily been just 6 if GMU executes at both ends. Potentially big momentum swing...........Mason just wasn't good enough. But others have been.

Just a bunch of little stuff (too much to mention) that, cumulatively, adds up.

On a positive note, defensive hedging and rotations were crisp, on time, strong/active; cut off or altered driving and shot/passing angles (for the most part) and closed out on shooters fairly well.

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Apr 19, 2009

I have a particular disdain for Gregg Marshall as a coach and as a person even before these allegations came out.....this is most definitely not a good look for WSU and their program. Explains a lot about the current state of SHocker bball. The days of Bobby Knight style a$$hole coaches is (or should be) over.