The Official Beat The Tennessee Volunteers in the Emerald Coast Classic

Wolfpack Ram

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Apr 21, 2009
You really think Crowfield "cleaned up" for anybody? Did you see his stat line tonight? The only non-zero stats were minutes and fg attempts. He had an Alexander Harper-like game tonight.

Besides, I you can easily sub one, keep the other out there, bring the other in sub the other out. And I said for prolonged stretches, not the entire game. People do it all the time. But yeah, they both have to cut down on the fouls first.
Yes, I do think Crowfield "cleaned up" considering VCU's had two point guards that couldn't stay out of foul trouble and someone had to play point guard down the stretch. Forget his stats. With this team, he should never have to come in a game and play point guard behind Marcus and Bones. Yes, I understand Bones getting fouls because this is his 8th collegiate game, but Evans has been racking up the fouls lately and he is a 5th year Senior first team A-10 pre-season selection. He has been getting into foul trouble a LOT this season, and that's not what you expect out of a first team A-10 selection.
Jan 1, 2010
Need to figure out how to get the scoring % up in the first 10 minutes of games... It is very strenuous on mind and body to play from behind......


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May 3, 2012
how are Dj s stats compared to last year so far?
After 8 games I think it is about the same. He came on by conference play. I would have to check game by game box scores but he had a slow start. Typically this time of year various players are up and down.