The Official Beat The Texas Longhorns Thread


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Aug 17, 2014
Is Vann ok? Looked bad under the basket at the end, then saw him in the corner of the screen later on with Mobley holding him up. Anyone there get a good look?
I was worried too. Looked like a bad slip and fall.:(
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share the ball

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Dec 16, 2013
great defensive and rebounding effort by the Rams - Great to see the effort put in over the last 6 months pay off and show our players that we don't have to score 80 points and shoot lights out to win - lots to work on still and loved that we gave PJ 10 minutes of run against tough competition on the road -
go rams (enjoy the victory tonight then get some rest and focus on the next game in front of you - texas game is now in rear view mirror)


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Nov 21, 2013
THIS is why games aren't played on paper!!
Physically, Texas seemed to have us at a disadvantage, but our guys scrapped and fought and go to those 50/50 balls.
Outrebounded all those 4/5 star guys....lookin' at you MSS!!!
and the FT's?!?!?! 16-21 to Texas's 5 of 8?!?!? LOVE IT!!! Shows how aggressive our guys were in not just settling for 3's

good luck sleepin' tonight

Finally, from the espn recap

I DO NOT get the bolded part. HOW is playing Havoc style D NOT a selling point to 4/5 star kids??? Do you WANT to play in the NBA??? I'm a little bummed for SS that he hasn't found a way to package what he's really good at to UT's's gonna lead to his demise there. Stick with the girl you got to the dance with...

Go Rams!!!
My guess is that 4-5 star guys don't want to share minutes to go 8-10 players deep. They want to play 35+ minutes a game.
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Jul 16, 2018
To borrow from Its always sunny, I think our FF run and program build makes a lot more sense now.

Shaka was the looks. Charisma, personality, the face of a brand.

Wade was the brains.

Rhodes is the muscle. Work ethic, tenacity, toughness.