The Official Beat The The University of Massachusetts Minutemen Thread


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Jan 26, 2016
Like when he just beat WVU and put his team back in the NCAA Tournament discussion?
Was waiting for that one. I don't have a retort yet, but give me till the next game when they lose to somebody like say ....... Fordham or VCU....
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Apr 19, 2009
Maybe Rhoades' the game plan was to just troll the ramnation forums. How many posts have we seen wanting an end to the press and posts wanting Rhoades to shorten the rotation? Well, he did that and we got worked by a bad team, only scoring 19 second half points. Hey maybe play the starters 40 minutes next game. "if they get hot, look out"
Apr 19, 2009
MR needs to stay, at least to keep the recruiting class next year. The program is not in shambles, but if next year's team isn't competitive - we're in trouble.
I can't imagine the assistants stay in tact. Something will have to change. Ed is going to have to show something. All that corporate money can dry up quick.
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Apr 24, 2009
Our coaching situation is not dire. We’ve got more talent coming in next season. We’ll have, arguably, more talent next season than this season. Unfortunately, it will be young talent, mostly freshmen and sophomores.
If the young talent can play like the young players from UMass did tonight against our veteran talent, we'll be in great shape. If our freshman can explode like other freshman and sophomores do against our team every game, we'll also be great. Honestly, I think next season will be better, though this season isn't over yet, like I said before...we can only improve and get better at this point. In my mind, we can't get any worse, even if we lose the rest of the season..

We at least have a few more games left. Unleash the young talent, let them experience for themselves what they can do. I'm hoping our team does something amazing. It just sucks to have the last part of the season turn out this way for our seniors coming into their last home games before graduation.


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Jan 22, 2010
Incoming freshmen ought to be licking their chops. Was already going to be a ton of available minutes with 5 seniors leaving but besides Bones and MSS there should literally be nobody expecting to start or get big minutes. Wide open. We’ll probably be raw and inconsistent next year but playing a bunch of young guys should pay off eventually.


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Jan 30, 2013
Look, the man took VCU to an 8 seed in the NCAAs last year, and they were in the top 25 at one point this year. If they give him the heave ho because of one unexpectedly bad season, then they and the fans itching to pull the trigger deserve a lifetime of Mack McCarthys.

My guess is the AD is a lot more nuanced about this than a bunch of seething-in-the-moment fans.


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Mar 22, 2013
Look, the man took VCU to an 8 seed in the NCAAs last year, and they were in the top 25 at one point this year. If they give him the heave ho because of one unexpectedly bad season, then they and the fans itching to pull the trigger deserve a lifetime of Mack McCarthys.

My guess is the AD is a lot more nuanced about this than a bunch of seething-in-the-moment fans.
If not I'll camp out on Rao's doorstep until he fires Ed

Half-baked Mcbride

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Apr 19, 2009
In not quite 3 full seasons Mike Rhoades is 60-34 and was the A10 COY last season...some of you look like absolute idiotic crybabies with the basketball acumen that could fit in a teaspoon if you think firing him is the right call.

I Thank my dear sweet fluffy lord that you thin skinned chicken littles have ZERO power in the VCU Athletic Department.

Shake up the Staff? Sure, that warrants consideration.
Point the finger at guys who actually make the plays on the court who aren't 18 or 19? Uuuuuuh, doi
Call it an unfortunate outlier season that had an equal mix of bad luck, bad health, and a lack of intestinal fortitude? OK....

some of y'all need a beer and a good nights sleep...


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Mar 29, 2010
HBK - You and I have agreed about a lot of things on VCURN. And I understand the point you are making.... and for some reason, you have taken this on as your personal path to glory. But you have to understand a few things. #1 There are always other perspectives than your own. I know.... I suck at accepting that sometimes too. And #2 - What 2012 said. The money Coach makes is insane, when you look at it, and what other People do - and give, in our society. So there's that. But I get it. It * is * the going rate. It just is. And he can put Fans in the seats when he brings us winning Teams. I get all of that. I don't necessarily even have a problem with it. This is not my fight. It isn't my decision to make. It's not my thing.

But the last point I will make is this: VCU didn't give a rats azz about some of the 40 and 50 year Fans, when all these re-seatings and pricing changes took place. I know this for fact: A lot of Families have been separated in the Arena, with the re-seatings. It happened to me. I survived the first couple. Then.... I lost out. I wasn't a Capital Campaign member. Only reason I wasn't...... is that I was working on my MBA at East Carolina, at the time. I was a grad student, and I didn't have 2 nickels to rub together. So.... I didn't quite have the priority points, and the rank. I lost my 20-Year Season tickets, next to my Parents, who were Capital Campaign members. They drive up from North Carolina, and we do this as a Family. It has been critically important to us. As a Family. A VCU black-and-gold blooded Family. After 20 years. I missed my seats by literally 7 or 8 slots in the pecking order. We called down there, hoping for some type of a break. I've been in this thing for 40 years. Been there through ALL the bad seasons, and all the garbage. They said.... doesn't matter. We can't help you.

So my Kids can't sit with Grandma & Grandpa, etc. I didn't b1tch out. I'm not (really) bitching now. I'm just offering another perspective. It's the cost of winning. Every winning Program takes advantage of the winning. It's a large part of how they pay the Coach more - more - more - more.... so you can have the right guy. And you can win. I get it. And I like Mike Rhoades. I'm standing by that (for the moment). But this bullcrap about his salary not mattering..... it's stupid. It does matter. People are paying for it.
I like you because you’re a thoughtful, reasonable poster. I certainly love differing opinions when they are thoughtful and reasonable. Heck, a lot of my life is spent dealing with differences of opinions. You’ve thrown a few things into this post, like reseating, etc. I’ll save that topic for another day and stick with the salary thing for now.

I remember how upset fans were when we lost most of the time toward the end of Sonny Smith’s tenure. Many wanted him fired. Ditto Mack McCarthy. I also remember how pissed people were on these boards and in person back in 2010 when we went to the CBI; they were unhappy with Shaka and felt like he was the wrong guy. That feeling intensified in February and into March of 2011. People demanded he be fired. I even had Norwood Teague tell me that he was being inundated with calls and emails demanding Shaka he fired. Never once in all of those instances did I ever see or hear of anyone complain about what our coaches were making. It obviously didn’t matter what they made then. Suddenly now, it matters that our coach makes 7 figures? The losing sucks regardless of what the coach makes. Others suggest his salary gives us expectations. Seriously? Our expectations come from the fact that we’ve been a great program for 15 years. I expect to win because that’s what we’ve done for the better part of 15 years.

On a philosophical note, I’ve never really cared what people make. Are some people overpaid? Certainly. I think most college and professional coaches are overpaid. Actors, athletes, etc. However, someone must think they are worth it.

I don’t mind criticism of the coach. We have underperformed by a lot this season and everyone is to blame, including the coaching staff. What he makes is irrelevant in my mind. If he was making $100,000 this season, then we‘d still be underperforming.

Take care.
May 19, 2015
People are so sick and tired of hearing the same bullshi$ from the same trolls or negative people everyday. We know the schedule of the games and whether we win or lose. We do not need any commentary from the trolls or fair-weathered fans that cannot seem to survive hard times from a difficult season, which season has not ended by my calendar. Why is it necessary for the same people to continue to punish the topic over and over again about our Coach and our players. If you think the remaining season is over for you, sell your tickets. Let the rest of us enjoy supporting our RAMS for the rest of this season.