The Official Beat the University of North Texas Mean Green Eagles Thread

May 3, 2012
Kansas had 28 turnovers. Not Duke.
Yeah, my bad. I realized I messed that up and was going to edit my post, but saw your correction.
Kansas with 28 turnovers and duke wins by 2.
Early season stuff.

I remember Shaka saying every year that coaches were trying to get their teams figured out and going in the right direction during November and December. I guess, since we have so much coming back from last year that many fans are thinking we don't have to go through that process, but you do every year with every team. Patience is not something our board has sometimes.
Dec 2, 2012
50% from three?
As for our turn many were on attempted lob passes?
We either need to get better at them, of stop trying them.
MR said in the RTD that we got "too cute" at times, and I bet the Lobs were what he was talking about.
Hopefully we'll cross that off the list, also I felt Bones was overpassing a little.
I get it, he's a Freshman, but I'd like to see him take and make threes, first because i like it when we hit threes and second to improve spacing.