The Official Beat the University of North Texas Mean Green Eagles Thread

Mar 1, 2015
Yeah, I think North Texas can be a very tough team this year.

They didn't have any good wins really last season, but they started the year 20-4 before basically injuries crushed them. They are full of smartly-added JUCOs and DI transfers and I can really see them taking a nice step forward this season.

They've got a tough non-conference schedule that included Rhody and Dayton and a game coming up next against kenpom top-40 Arkansas. I'll definitely enjoy rooting for them this season....and I mean, how do you not enjoy rooting for a team named the "Mean Green"?
BS. That’s a team you put away. Particularly at home.


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Mar 8, 2010
I think North Texas was a better than average team that played pretty darn well last night. I don't see where our players played any worse than most of the games last year. We shot about the same %. NT made a few, very difficult shots that on a regular night wouldn't drop. After they fought back, they gained the momentum and we lost it. That is how momentum works. We didn't fold and gutted it out.
We came at them with waves of fresh players which at this point in the season may be detrimental b/c everyone is still getting adjusted to live game experiences. I think coming in cold and adapting to different rotations is something that isnt fully adjusted to till about 10 games into the season.
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Aug 17, 2014
That game was TOO MUCH for my nerves this early in the season! Especially with the same stress going on in the Robins Center. Sheesh! I’m thankful for the win, but seriously, is this what a top 25 team looks like?

I’m hoping beyond hope that our guys get it together before LSU comes to town. 😩

Why can’t the east & west ends stay in sync with the cheers? The DEFENSE 👏🏻👏🏻 is ALWAYS off!!! I don’t know why buy it bothers me way more than it should!


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Mar 29, 2010
Was Ward injured or something? I'm also surprised so little time with 2 of the 3 "bigs" on the floor.

Really fun to watch a competitive game and always feels good to win but LSU would have stomped our Rams tonight I fear.
It wasn’t a good matchup for him. Ward will be very good, but he is a string bean. As physical as the North Texas bigs play, he would have probably been overpowered a bit in the post. A couple of those kids from the Mean Green look like they were in the 230 to 240 range.

As for playing MSS and Douglas together, it certainly helped some defensively and on the glass. However, the way North Texas was playing defense, with one foot in the paint, we needed shooters on the floor.

What really hurt us, again, was turnovers. We shot 48% in the first half, including 40% from three. I’ll take those numbers every half. We should have had 36 to 40 points in the first half, but the 10 turnovers were brutal. The 2nd half, we shot terribly AND turned the ball over, which is why they were able to rally.


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Mar 29, 2010
Slept on the emotions in order to tame them a bit, but general observations after last evening:
1. Our offense is still lacking pure shooters; yea we have guys who can shoot, but we’re too streaky
2. Our offense has to work too hard to get the open man the ball for a high % shot; even NT did a great job on their offensive sets getting a man open for good shots
3. Although we out-rebounded them, it felt as though they were better; they had multiple guys crashing the boards, and they were in better position for the boards
4. We didn’t win many of the 50-50 balls; in fact don’t recall winning but 1 or 2 of maybe 10; is that luck or hustle (or lack thereof; or is it being in the right position and hustling?)
5. While happy to be 2 - 0, we are not playing anywhere near the level of our ability; and suffice it to say if we play like we have the 1st 2 games then we’re in trouble vs lsu
6. While H Ward has a ways to go, I would’ve inserted him to see how he defended & rebounded - w/a short leash
7. Vince seemed rusty - a couple TO’s that were similar to him last season as a freshman - expecting much improvement w/him
8. As we’ve heard/stated in the past, much to work on, and much to work with.

You make some great points, particularly #4. In our group last night during the first half, we commented that it seemed as if VCU was a step slow all game. It sure seemed like North Texas was getting to the 50/50 balls more than we did. That is NOT to say we didn’t give max effort or hit the floor, it just seemed like we didn’t get as many of the 50/50 balls.

This is one reason Mike likes playing teams in the upper half of their respective leagues. Both SFU and NT have made us uncomfortable times. This helps us in preparation for the better teams we will play, starting with LSU.
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Mar 29, 2010
BS. That’s a team you put away. Particularly at home.
YES, a top 25 team should put away a team like North Texas at home. You are absolutely right. We didn’t, but still got the win. We were far from our best, but still got the win. It is early in the season. Let’s see if our guys can build off of these two wins and learn from their mistakes.


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May 3, 2012
I'd take them against teams that can't shoot. Gotta stop giving these cupcake teams too much respect.
A good sports book bettor takes many things into account. I would take the under when betting VCU and if the point spread is high I would probably bet the other team. They have not covered. That being said, depending on points I would probably take the points and VCU on Wednesday if LSU is favored.


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Jan 26, 2016
Didn't get to go to, watch on TV or listen to on the radio last night, sounds like they were flat ??

True ?? Reasons ???
May 19, 2015
Just lol at playing You don't want to go to war with the Rams after giving up this run.
I totally agree. That is not the song you play when we are behind in the score or the other team just had a helluva run and they play it often during these scenarios. 😳. But they sounded so professional, that they should record their music!!!!!


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Apr 30, 2009
There is another team on the floor that wants to win just as bad, if not worse, than we do. I believe other teams, because of who we are, our top 25 status and wanting to beat us at the SC, have a bit more juice than a standard game. Do you think NT will play ODU with the same intensity as the played us? Sometimes you have to give the other team credit. At our level, the difference in competition is thin. Give our guys some credit, they gutted out a win. I don't believe a couple of our teams from past years would have. On any given night, there are no cupcakes. I get frustrated watching our offense too and I especially hate the turnovers, but I don't think for one moment that our players are not giving 110% on the court. Kel going 0-7 and then having the guts to take those 2 three pointers with the game on the line was huge. Much respect for that.