The Official Beat The Utah State Aggies in Sioux Falls South Dakota Thread


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Dec 22, 2009
Sorry to get personal here, but my girlfriend and I chose to celebrate Thanksgiving separately this year to be safe regarding covid. We don’t want our families to be exposed to both of us.

VCU basketball means so much to me. I’m currently sitting in my apartment in Church Hill in tears with my dog because I’m just so happy to be watching VCU basketball again.

Did anyone else feel somewhat emotional tonight?.... by just watching a group of 18-23 year olds play college basketball. Because I’m not ashamed. I love VCU basketball.
Dec 16, 2013
always great to see a Rams win - loved Bones performance (he needs his 33-36 minutes of run once we get past these 3 games back to back), corey douglas got real active and became a factor in the 2nd half (keep it up but NO rebounds - gotta improve there ) Ace debut was VERY impressive (as I said earlier the Assist record will fall - move over Eric M) 7 dimes for the Rook from Charm City - Clark great contribution too with the steals and buckets (shame we don't have 50 minutes to split between these two point guards - though ACE is the better distributor)
Curry nice game and especially the energy - and getting to the boards on D - (not sure we can count on him for double digit points each game but as long as he brings this energy he deserves his minutes)
Vince had a very nice game too with strong numbers across the stat line though still too many Turnovers for my liking - he gives us production out of the 4 slot but I am not ready to rely upon his D against teams with power game like a SLU or URI in prior years - but clearly he is a cut above the other 4s in giving us production on all levels (scoring , rebounding , passing and on the press)
Shame we turn around and play in 14 hours but ........ WVU only gets 16 and 1/2 hours
loved the fact we upped the tempo on defense in the second half - good adjustment
what I saw tonight is not a 9th place team in the A10 - top 6 team at least (and because I am biased top 4 team with my rose-colored glasses)

Go rams