The Official Beat The Utah State Aggies in Sioux Falls South Dakota Thread

Violet Ram

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Jan 29, 2015

Stockard: kinda what I expected. I'd like to see him out of the starting lineup ASAP
Bones: Picked up where he left off and then some
Curry: WAYYYY too many minutes. 2 tiny bursts of activity but otherwise 30 minutes of nothing. Needs to have his minutes cut in half. Him getting 31 is absurd on a team this talented - he should be the 2nd or 3rd off the bench.
Vince: Surprise of the night. I'd like to see him take curry's spot in the starting lineup ASAP
Ace: Looks the part, 7 assists to 2 turnovers in your first game is nice. I'd be happy if he NEVER fudgeING SHOT A LONG STEP BACK 2 AGAIN but otherwise a great performance
Douglas: Couple nice blocks, solid game
Clark: Give him those 15.5 minutes curry is losing. He'll make way better use out of them.
Ward: Why didn't he get more minutes?
BMB: Also what I expected. 7 feet tall and...............................
Watkins: Looked decent in his minutes
Banks: Not enough info
MBJ: Looked engaged and energized on defense. A couple of great high-low passes
McA: Not sure what to think about him not playing. If it was coach's decision, I'd guess that's where Roosevelts scholarship or the January scholarship was coming from.
Curry earned his mins tonight on D. The 2 bursts on O were bonus. I think something else is up with McAllister. If he's 'off the team', he wouldn't have participated in the B&G festivities.


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May 1, 2009
My boy Tre played a great game out there tonight! Perhaps I missed him saying it but he mentioned every single player and how well they played but not a single mention of Tre. Thought Curry played a great game too. And Vince really helped stabilize things for the 2nd group to come out and then showed how he can play without an injury. And finally really nice to see Corey play a really good game out there.....he as well as Levi and Ward probably played against the biggest and best post man they will see all season and did the job they needed to do. Queta did get a double double but I really don't feel like he dominated us in the post. I think Levi will do well playing forward when not having to deal with a 7 footer. I liked Ace with the ball....nice ally oop to Ward for the dunk. I think once he settles down his shot will start falling a bit better.

Was Mcallister (sp) at the game tonight? He didn't get any run time at all. Anyone know if he was there?

All in all, I am extremely pleased. I was a bit worry at about 10-12 minutes to go. It was looking like last year but we came back hard and then we actually stomped on Utah's neck. It was a thing of beauty!
I'll be sleeping with a big smile on my face tonight. Nice start to the season.


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May 3, 2012
This was how I felt with 13 minutes left in the game.