The Official Beat The Utah State Aggies in Sioux Falls South Dakota Thread

Nov 4, 2011
It was but I think we are impatient as fans. That non havoc press really wore them down in the 2nd half. Now its not as sexy as all out Havoc but it is more effective. The half court D is a lot better or at least it was last tonight.
It's token, and by design I believe. Biggest thing is make the opponent uncomfortable, throw off their set, and then clamp down if necessary.


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Apr 22, 2009

Stockard: kinda what I expected. I'd like to see him out of the starting lineup ASAP
Bones: Picked up where he left off and then some
Curry: WAYYYY too many minutes. 2 tiny bursts of activity but otherwise 30 minutes of nothing. Needs to have his minutes cut in half. Him getting 31 is absurd on a team this talented - he should be the 2nd or 3rd off the bench.
Vince: Surprise of the night. I'd like to see him take curry's spot in the starting lineup ASAP
Ace: Looks the part, 7 assists to 2 turnovers in your first game is nice. I'd be happy if he NEVER fudgeING SHOT A LONG STEP BACK 2 AGAIN but otherwise a great performance
Douglas: Couple nice blocks, solid game
Clark: Give him those 15.5 minutes curry is losing. He'll make way better use out of them.
Ward: Why didn't he get more minutes?
BMB: Also what I expected. 7 feet tall and...............................
Watkins: Looked decent in his minutes
Banks: Not enough info
MBJ: Looked engaged and energized on defense. A couple of great high-low passes
McA: Not sure what to think about him not playing. If it was coach's decision, I'd guess that's where Roosevelts scholarship or the January scholarship was coming from.
Wheeler committed to Louisville.


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May 1, 2009
Someone had mentioned that he was going to get pushed around. Maybe a little, but I will take the 4 blocks any day.
I mentioned it....but he ended up doing a great job in the 2nd half. I still think Corey plays with a bit more experience. I was surprised by Bacon. I don't think he will be a major option early in the season unless we really need him......but he has skills and is not a 7 foot plodder. I think he is going to be a major part of our team moving into his final two years here.


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Apr 24, 2009
The ESPN2 pregame was crowing about the Pac12 having three ranked teams. Well, #22 UCLA is getting their ass kicked by San Diego State with about a minute to go.
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