The Official Must Beat the Ticks in the RC Thread


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Apr 12, 2016
Another problem we have is that we have 3 bigs... one is a raw freshman. Who in their mind thought that was a good idea going into the season? Thankfully, no one has been hurt... We can't play two bigs against anyone because we simply don't have the bodies. Those who say havoc is "4 guards" are useless, we don't have the personnel to play that way anyways. No wonder we've been getting killed on the boards, dudes are tired.


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Mar 8, 2011
We don’t press after misses and we’ve had a lot more misses than makes. Hence, we haven’t been able to press much. This is not rocket science people.
The game plan is press. Every game. We are doing it again. You're right it's not rocket science.
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