The Official Must Beat the Ticks in the RC Thread


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Apr 20, 2009
We got punked by ur and not one player fouled out...not one technical ...we just politely took it and put our collective tails between our legs. Flat out did not compete..this team has no pride
I will never advocate college players getting techs.
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Apr 20, 2009
Well while yall keep trying to figure things out let me just inform you what the problem is. The head coach. Now let me count the reasons. First and foremost he only knows one style of play and if his version of havoc does not work he looks like a deer in headlights. Secondly, his version of an offense is absolutely horrific. In addition, he does not develop his players year over year. His teams get worse as the season goes on.(The A10 was horrible last year) He does not know what a mid- game adjustment is. I think he believes that he can cash all of his un-used timeouts in at the end of the season and the list goes on and on. I know the back lash is coming so bring it on because the truth hurts.
No, I think you enjoy "the truth" (at least your version of it) so no hurt there.
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Jan 18, 2014
Always have been. I stopped watching them about this time his first season. Just a lot of cliches without much substance
Imagine having to listen to him talk as a player. I used to enjoy listening to shaka, but Rhoades just comes across as bland. I’ve had some other thoughts about Rhoades and his communication skills but, will refrain from saying anything because it will sound real bad but, long story short.....something is missing/off. Not inspiring at all to me but, I am not in the locker room so what do I know. 🤷🏽‍♂️


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Apr 24, 2009
Regarding MR, I'm not sure about getting a tech. And though I'm on board with positive reinforcement and I don't know what he's like in practice, but I wouldn't mind seeing a little more negative reinforcement from the bench when we're struggling. Not going Bobby Knight, but get fired up dude!
I said something similar Wednesday night and you bashed me all over the boards.
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Aug 4, 2017
Hopefully we see more and more of him.
I want to see a lot of ward JMac bones and some clark. Especially in the games following Dayton. See what we have. We no what the seniors are at this point. Experiment during the final regular season games. Then find something that works for Barclays
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May 4, 2012
I got that, but wasn't sure what your point was by quoting me. I guess you were agreeing with my comment??
Rhoades tells the kids to share the ball. This is how they interpret hos request. Even Dr Joe said reversing is all you can do and hope they go to sleep. I dont concur but such is the nature of our offense.
So as ive said all year, if we shoot well we win. We do nothing to improve upon that. Neither rebound, anything like "plays" motion etc etc etc.
Do yes i agree but only point out thats all theyve been told to do.


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Mar 29, 2010
Fur is NOT alive for an at-large bid. After VCU loses the next two games, this win will not look that good, and this was fur's biggest game the rest of the season. And don't be surprised if fmason beats them Wednesday since fmason seems to have their number and are healthy again.

Regarding VCU, stick the fork in them. They are done. Absolute zero chance VCU beats Dayton the way they are playing the last two games. This team is a total headcase. All that talent, and all the preseason hype, and now they are struggling to even make the NIT. As I said before, this VCU team does not have the mental fortitude to win 4 games in Brooklyn, which is the only way they make the NCAA's at this point.

As far as Coach Rhoades goes, he also needs to look in the mirror anf find a way to step up his game. This is at least the second game recently where he has put a rotation on the court that has had me just scratching my head. And he has done it when the other team is on a run. I have been pushing for Hasan Ward to get more playing time and it's time for that to happen. The more minutes he gets now will pay huge dividends next year. If anything, play both Hasan and MSS down low with three guards up top. It can't hurt based on the last two games. My five would be ME, Bones and DJ up top and MSS and Hasan down low. It's time for a change, including Coach Rhoades revisiting his playbook/strategy. And for goodness sake Mike Rhoades, stop being afraid of getting a technical when this team is playing as $hitty as they are playing. Sometimes technicals are a good thing.

Last advice. If you are going to Brooklyn, only buy single game tickets, unless you are there to see Obi Toppin before he turns pro. I'm beyond frustrated and I'm out!
You do know that UR has beaten Mason 3 of the last 4, right? UR will finish either 2nd or 3rd this year.

As for VCU, something needs to change. I agree.