The Official Piss and Moan Thread


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Apr 19, 2009
Here's a thread for all you nattering nabobs, you hand wringers, you teeth gnashers. Here you can bemoan the new unis, disparage the new logo, whine that Haka chant is insensitive, caterwaul that attention whores upset vcurn "traditions", complain that Bri is no point guard, sniffle "when is Tevin Mack ever going to make a decision", ad nauseum. Waah, waah, waah.

I figure keeping all the negativity in one area would allow the rest of this forum to be a lively conversation about all things VCU BB. Personally, I love the humor, the positiveness, the side tracks, the deviation from the topic at hand because it always returns to the subject most of us love, VCU BB. So if you want to complain, criticize and be negative why not contain it in one HAZMAT area? That way we can periodically flush it down the James with the rest of our sewage.

Seriously, every now and then this cauldron of a website boils over and it seems the negativity floods out the fires that stoke the passion around here. Please remember our main job as fans, support our team. I for one nanosecond am not implying that we can't disagree, but some of this stuff takes on a life of its own after a while.