The real possibility that there isn't a season this year

Wolfpack Ram

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Apr 21, 2009
It really isn't the Big East's call.

"The NCAA has made it clear that unless college campuses are open to the entire student body in the fall, there are no plans to risk the health of student-athletes for the sake of sports.

President Mark Emmert plainly said Friday night that the NCAA will not play fall sports if the coronavirus pandemic forces schools to close campuses in the coming months."



May 3, 2012
@AlienAiden - where did you get the mask? I have been looking for a VCU one.
A woman in C-Ville has a boutique. I guess she started making masks and VCU was her only team option. She recently added some others I think.


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Jan 30, 2013
Two fairly important developments outside of Ram Nation or the VCUniverse or whatever we call ourselves:

1. The MAC is eliminating eight non-revenue postseason tournaments and moving to 20-game schedules in men's and women's basketball.
2. The Cal State schools will not be open for classes except in programs, like nursing, where online classes are not feasible. Three Mountain West schools (San DIego State, Fresno State, San Jose State) and a bunch of Big West schools are affected. Rumor is that the UC system schools might follow suit (Cal, UCLA, UC-Fill In The Blank). If they're not open in the fall, then obviously the fall sports are not happening, but the winter ones might not be either (or at least no OOC and an abbreviated conference schedule). Wonder if that affects the MWC-A10 challenge?