The VCU Rams 2022-23 Season Thread

Half-baked Mcbride

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Apr 19, 2009
NCAA Tournament Appearances Over The Past Two Decades (since 2004; 19 NCAA Tourneys):
Kansas - 19
Michigan St - 19
Gonzaga - 19* (*non-P6)
Duke - 18
Wisconsin - 17
North Carolina - 17
Kentucky - 16
Texas - 16
Villanova - 16
Arizona - 15
UCLA - 14
Purdue - 14
Xavier - 14
VCU - 13*
Louisville - 13
Ohio St - 13
Florida - 13
West Virginia - 13
Everyone else - 12 or less (notably - Kansas St, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Marquette, Illinois, Maryland, Cincinnati, Wichita St, St Mary's, Houston, San Diego St, Arkansas, Tennessee, Temple, UConn, Michigan, Indiana, Virginia, Memphis, Georgetown, Seton Hall, Wake Forest, Iowa St, Oklahoma St, Oregon, Providence, Dayton, Creighton, Va Tech, Richmond, George Mason, Old Dominion, St Louis, LSU, Iowa, Oklahoma, NC State, BYU, Utah, USC, Ariz St, Boise St, New Mexico, Utah St, Stanford, St Johns)

Coaches (2004-2023):
Capel - 1 NCAA
Grant - 2 NCAAs
Smart - 5 NCAAs
Wade - 2 NCAAs
Rhoades - 3 NCAAs

Thanks for that GtheA....not too shabby when you see it listed like that.


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Dec 4, 2013
I guess that is the line that rubs me a little bit.

I think that's why to me Capel was so important to our program in spite of his relatively modest record here. After years to having Sonny and Mack operate like we're a lesser program that needed to cut corners, I think Capel (with his Duke background) started us incorporating more of a big-boy mentality that Grant and Shaka built on. I just think if we approach things like what you just indicated, we'll never be more than that in my opinion.
Totally agree Chill. If we had that, "we're a mid major, that's all we are..." mentality and it didn't change we would still be what we had become before Capel and that is a mediocre mid major. We have moved to what I would call a high mid major. I we don't have a vision of being something bigger, something better, we will probably take a few steps back.
While I definitely fall into the Rhoades supporter crowd, I understand that this is the concern of many who are asking questions.
A few years ago, someone on here asked what our hopes for the program were. Mine was, "When we go back to the final four, no one will be surprised and we won't be satisfied with being there, we will be there to win it all." I still feel that way. If we can't dream of something more than is now, we won't ever get beyond where we are now. I want more and it is possible.


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Feb 18, 2018
These upsets are nice; FDU, Princeton, FAU, Furman…… but they all pale in comparison to a team that did this;

Beat USC
Beat Georgetown
Beat Purdue
Beat FSU
Beat Kansas

In my opinion the most impressive run in tournament history!


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Mar 27, 2009
I don't think Georgetown has ever been the same after the beatdown we laid on them.