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Feb 14, 2011
I Believe:

1) The Caliber of the A-10 teams and athletes is MUCH better than what most, including the experts thought from day 1. We have Dayton at the top and then next 6 or 7 beating up on each other. Just about anyone can beat anyone on any given day. The A-10 Tourny is going to be very interesting.
2) We miss so many good (and often times "easy") shots at the most inopportune times. When our shooting goes south, it goes south HARD. It's like we don't have the swag to maintain composure.

3) Our "MO", an equalizer, for quite a few years now has been number of possessions. The A-10 is taking care of the ball better and we're not. Maybe there's some lucky bounces, maybe the caliber of athlete in the A10 but rebounding is a liability. I didn't look at numbers but it seems our second change opportunities haven't been very good since December.


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May 19, 2009
@RowdyPkunk I read in another post how there seems to be a divide between the seniors and underclassmen behind the scenes. I can kind of see it on the floor as well. For example, last night, the starters played fairly well, then the bench came in and allowed the SLU run, and then the starters/seniors seemed to stop caring and everything snowballed. I can recall that happening more than once over this losing streak, and at URI. Against Dayton, the youngins' played well pretty much all game. This is pure speculation, but I think Rhoades is trying to do damage control with his presser comments about his loyalty to the seniors, to try to prevent the seniors from dissenting even more. After all, when they actually feel like playing hard, they play good defense and play fairly smart, regardless of whether or not their shots are falling.
Just now seeing this....

My response.... first off Seniors need to understand that freshmen are going to make mistakes. It happens with EVERY freshmen. They need to realize they were in their shoes at one point.

Second of all... Bones is the only freshmen who regularly gets or has gotten playing time (that's not due to foul trouble or injuries). Sure McCalister, Clark & Ward get playing time here and there... But early on in the season, how much time did McCalister or Clark (outside of scrub minutes at end of games)… Hardly any. Clark got more playing time due to the injury to Evans. And Ward pretty much only gets playing time when Douglas or Silva are in foul trouble (or hurt).

Also, as far as seniors go... lets not act like the seniors have been lighting the world on fire this year. I mean how many different posts/threads on here have we had calling out specific players, or saying they should be benched or playing time reduced.... etc? More than I can count.

And if they are just gonna cave in & give up.... when things get rough, when the freshmen or any other 5 players on the court at one time give up a big run.... Why even bother going out there on the court? If you're going to quit on your teammates.... why even bother suiting up?

I'd rather lose every game with a bunch of players who are willing to play together as a team, willing to learn, players who won't give matter the circumstances... any day of the week, over players who quit when things get rough. Players who start trying to spread blame to anyone but themselves... etc.

Otherwise, suck it up, grow up & do something about it. Maybe the seniors should step their game up? Had they stepped up against Dayton... maybe we beat them. If they'd be more team players, maybe we wouldn't be on this 4 game losing stretch.

Also against SLU, Bones started.... and Evans came in off the bench? So was Bones part of the problem when we started giving up runs against SLU? Or was it Evans who came into replace him? And Bones got hurt early on.... so then it was Evans & Clark the rest of the game.... so I guess Clark was more to blame than Evans?

I also remember hearing after the Richmond game, there was a meeting between players & coaches.... whatever was said in that meaning must've had some affect because of how we played vs Dayton. But then it must've gone by the wayside after how we played vs Saint Louis after the first 10 minutes.

Whatever the case is.... the team as a whole needs to find themselves & come together as a TEAM.
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