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Jan 16, 2020
so he went to Oral Roberts by way of BF Florida???
You'll have to ask Greg about that, PRock ... In 1974 draft, Dark was 32nd pick, McDougald 54th and Harris 63rd ... and consider: at the time they signed with VCU in spring of '70, Rams were still NAIA and "new" Franklin Street Gym was yet to open ... It marked the two best recruiting efforts in Rams lore - first by Benny Dees to originally sign them, then by incoming coach Chuck Noe to "re-sign" them, when they could have gone anywhere. One more thing on Greg - outside of Reggie Cain (his high school teammate) the man who may know best about McDougald's departure is Eddie Swink - then the team manager and now an exec with Virginia State Golf Association. Eddie offers a treasure chest of memories.
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Apr 20, 2009
I believe Dark was selected by Knicks and Harris by Buffalo Braves. Who drafted McDougald?


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May 29, 2017
Don't want to say much since Greg has passed and can't speak for himself (Reggie Cain would know more).... but as I recall, his Bronx upbringing didn't jive with 1970 Richmond, Va. .... Incidentally, from that trail-blazing 70-71 team that upset Minnesota, seven Rams are no longer with us - McDougald, Jabo Wilkins, Charles Chambliss, Charles Booker, Mike Fling, Barry Sudduth and Keith Lawson, plus coaches Charlie Moses and Chuck Noe.
Thanks, appreciate that.