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Dec 4, 2013
Yeah, a lot to like about living here. I am presently (at least when things get a little back to normal) also commuting 3 days a week to Baltimore county, doing and interim pastorate. But I love it here and had pretty much decided to go ahead and settle here, when I met a woman got engaged, who lives here and isn't about to leave. So, this is home! I fit in pretty well since I already liked a little slower pace of life, but locals tell me I still have a lot of "western shore" in me. I guess that's true. I am in Greensboro, which you pretty much don't pass through on your way to anywhere else, well maybe if your going to Goldsboro (yes this is Maryland not NC). I run into a lot of people here who are VCU fans or know us because of the medical school. Today, I was in line (to get a covid19 test done actually) behind a car that had a VCU MOM sticker on it. Loved it. It is pretty hard to make VCU home games though. Though games in the DC area and Philli aren't that far away.
BTW, I'm feeling a bit better today. Ironic, I finally got the test today and I'm getting better.
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May 29, 2017
I lived several blocks away on 42nd. St. Crazy now, but I use to keep my doors unlocked.
Myself and three friends rented a house on 42nd street back in ‘79-81. Across from the little church.
Apologize n advance if you were inconvenienced by one of our keg parties getting a little out of hand...
/ was supposed to be about 30 people. In the days before social media we don’t know how the party blew up.
//keg1 blew about 530, emergency orders of keg2 ~730 and keg3 ~ 915.
/// a man in a gorilla suit was there, never found out who he was. Dude overheated so we dumped keg water and ice down his neck hole :D


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Jan 10, 2016
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May 4, 2012
Found while cleaning out my attic. Nice!

PS--VCU beat Lousiville in the debut.
My favorite game all time. Denny Crum 's pout was hilarious. Walked up shortly b4 gametime and git a ticket about at the freethrow line Home end two rows back of the press tables. Sweet !