Tournament affected by the corona virus?


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Mar 21, 2017
I agree, I think we make it through the weekend but hard to see games this time next week
With how quickly things have progressed over the past week in sports from "all is well" to "we are taking extra precautions" to "no fans allowed" to "suspension/cancellation of games" I would be truly surprised if the Final Four Tournament actually happens this year.
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Aug 7, 2012
Agree with everything you cite. I should have said in the US because that was in my head. My whole point was that with everything known and unknown, it is good we are acting more widespread.
Not sure about that last part. We can still barely test for it. You have to be super sick to get tested. Other countries are doing drive through testing to limit exposures and give people the info they need and that public health officials need. And apparently the WHO offered the United States a lot of tests in the last couple of weeks and we turned them down on their offer. SMFH
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