VCU Baseball Offseason/ Transfers In and Out

Half-baked Mcbride

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Apr 19, 2009
Ben Nippolt off to LSU
Connor Hujsak off to Miss St
Chase Hungate off to UVa
Tyler Davis off to Miss St

Also, there's this little nugget...

For those who entered the transfer portal after July 1, a waiver to the NCAA would be required to obtain immediate eligibility at their new school.
But VCU director of athletics Ed McLaughlin, in a Zoom meeting with players and parents on Wednesday, expressed that he would not sign such waivers.
“Since we’re not running them off,” McLaughlin said on Thursday. “They don’t meet any of the criteria for a run off waiver. I told them that I’m happy to talk to the athletic directors at their schools where they want to transfer to. And if their athletic directors have another type of idea for a waiver that they want to try to pursue with them, then we would support them.

“But I was very clear with them that I will not be dishonest and say that they were run off when they weren’t.”

McLaughlin said the players are free to pursue the opportunities elsewhere. The next step for each of the players affected would be to pursue an alternative waiver, filed by their new school.
“I said to them, ‘It’s not that I don’t support you,’” McLaughlin said, of his message to the outgoing players and their parents. “It’s just, I won’t be dishonest about it. I’ve never done that before [with the waivers], and I won’t do it with them either.”

Here's hoping Coach LeCroy starts to bring some new/talented faces IN!! With the way the portal is now? This doesn't have to be a "lost" or "transition" year....LeCroy and Staff could reload if they are aggressive and lucky


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Mar 21, 2017
Baseball transfer portal seems to be even more bullshït than the basketball one geez.