VCU Basketball Supports Our Community


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Nov 2, 2013
Those Ram fans try to lend a hand when and where they can, too.
This old hoop hass been around the block many times, for a long time, about 25 years here. Broke loose of its base, we took it down a ways where there's a paved alley. It's a local hotspot here and there. Not many other places walking distance they can go. This neighborhood used to be called Brook Field Park back in the day. The backyard I walk into and alleyway too, hide the remnants of tennis courts Arthur Ashe used to play on. Still there, one foot down. His father managed this area. It was a playground for black youth, til desegregation lent it hand to city officials shutting it down.

A Place for Us Arthur Ashe found his passion and purpose at Brook Field Park, which served a crucial role in Richmond’s black community. Why do so few know its story?

The hoop is here:

Hearing kids play here should never go away.