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Feb 3, 2011
Pretty much all I do is listen to podcasts now a days in my car(travel a lot for work) and got to thinking about VCU ones. I know Ram Nation has one(seems to be a lot of people that did not know they had one so wanted to plug that again here) but any others? Dayton, St. Bonnies, St. Louis all have one or more and some are pretty popular. Just with how awesome our fan base is I was just curious on some and if Ram Nation had any updates on their own podcast?

Also any mid-major or A10 ones out there? Did not have a lot of luck on finding a lot about our conference and/or ones about the non power conference ones.


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Mar 14, 2016
There is the Hey10 podcast that does all the A10 its hosted by a Davidson and a Mason fan, George Mason has a podcast, Mid Major Madness has a podcast and their name says it all, and Cbbcentral has a podcast that a has decent amount about mid majors
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