VCU Football-"we are winless"

vcu70 said:
Six CAA teams in the top 15 in the country in 1-AA. Several shall be moving on up in the next few years putting us further behind and we may never catch up. Kinda like Georgetown and the big east aren't we?

UUHHH NO..We're nothing like Georgetown and the CAA darn sure ain't nothing close to the Big East. :lol:
vcu70 said:
The CAA's first ever nationally televised regular season football game is to be shown Saturday from Villanova 4-0 hosting W & M 4-0.

Sounds boring to me, ha.

I know some of you are really interested in this football idea, but here is my task for you. ...

maintain this thread during basketball season. If this thread can stay active and everyone is still caring about football during the basketball season, I will be forced to believe that you truly want football here at VCU, and not just something to idly wish for during the off-season. ;)
Marcus , with all due respect, several people keeping a thread alive has nothing to do with it, especially on a basketball thread. Some fans love both, some love basketball and could give two cents for football and believe it or not some people love football and hate basketball. If anyone thinks Football is not the biggest money maker in this country at any level, they have their head in the sand.
spot on vcu70. I have nothing against VCU basketball and will support it, but I would rather watch football. VCU basketball (and basketball in general) just does not interest me, and having a football team would open the university up to a whole new wave of fans who are willing to donate and further bring the Ram community together. as popular as basketball at vcu is, it would be nice to have a big-time fall sport to share the love with.
We all have our feelings on the matter, I wasn't trying to be abrasive, just add a touch of humor. That is sorta my thing. Make my point, but wrap it in a joke.

I understand people want football, and if we fielding a team I would be right there with everyone to support it!! Personally, however, I would prefer if we didn't right now. I am of the few that think it would inevitably hit our basketball program, and potentially hard. And the basketball program can't afford (not speaking financially) that right now. We are rising to the top and making huge strides, bearing down on the finish line. I don't wanna pull a hammy, and wind up limping the last stretch of the track.

Again, just my two-cents ..
The reason why this thread will die during basketball season is that Basketball is the only thing going on. Simple logic.
Marcus. you are not gonna squash football. It will happen. And VCU is gonna be a winner in the FCS, I guarantee it. And Wiggly, well its about time for an icon change.