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Mar 21, 2017

Anybody want to post highlights from today's "What to Expect From VCU" article on The Athletic?
There were two real issues: turnovers and perimeter shooting. That was the read on VCU coming in to the season, one shared by coach Mike Rhoades and his staff and the players and pretty much anyone who watched VCU play at any point in the 2018-19 campaign, when an experienced, cohesive, defensively dominant group won 18 of its final 20 regular-season games and the Atlantic 10 title. With star point guard Marcus Evans steadily healthy for the first time in years, and basically everyone else back, there was the sense that this season might be special.
Fifteen games into the season, Rhoades and his players have managed to strike that analytical balance almost perfectly. VCU is turning the ball over far less often than it did a season ago, and its 3-point field goal percentage is not only improved but also well above the national average.
Whatever the root causes, those three nonconference defeats represented the bulk of VCU’s opportunity to truly impress before the start of the Atlantic 10 season. Missing them is most likely to result in a soft ceiling on VCU’s NCAA Tournament seed. A year ago, when the Atlantic 10 was a much softer league top-to-bottom, there would have been almost zero chance for VCU to repair its résumé in conference play. With an elite Dayton team having sprung seemingly from nowhere and quality outfits at Richmond, Duquesne, Davidson and Rhode Island, the Rams will have more of a chance to improve their stock. But the league will be punishing too.
MVP: Marcus Santos-Silva
Breakthrough candidate: Isaac Vann

Then they hit on the top 3 remaining games and say the Dayton pair should be potential regular-season title deciders and that our away game at UR would be a a resume builder for us and potentially get them in the conversation for an at-large bid if they could knock us off.


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Jun 22, 2016
This is not a list any of us want VCU to be include on but here we are, among some elite programs. :roll:

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Mar 22, 2013
This is not a list any of us want VCU to be include on but her we are, among some elite programs. :roll:

No such thing as bad press?



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Dec 7, 2011
Liberty has played 2 top 100 teams all season. They ain't getting no single digit seed, nor would VCU be a 9 seed as of today.
How does most of the bracket folks in the media do their brackets? Is it if Selection Sunday occurred today or is it based on predictions of how the season will go?
Feb 10, 2009
and not for a good reason
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