VCU Media Mentions


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Apr 21, 2009
They dont schedule well?

Violet Ram

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Jan 29, 2015
Not gonna argue this one. I disagree though.
I'll take up the mantle!

P6 for football is fake. High Major conferences for basketball is not. AAC is a high major basketball conference
The AAC and Big East are both typically considered Power Conferences, which is why not a single team from either of those conferences is on the list.
Besides conclusory statements, what makes them a high-major? In the last 6 years, the AAC had 19 bids, the A10 has had 20. The AAC has had 1 Sweet Sixteen run, the A10 has had 1 Elite 8.

In terms of media deals (and going off memory, so please correct my #'s if wrong), it's hard to tell since the AAC has football; however, they're contract is new and comes out to an average of 7 Mil per year while we're in what I think is our last year of a deal that pays about 400k per school. If BBall counts for 20% of their contract, then its 1.4 v. 400k. While significant, they're still 2.6 Mill behind the Big East, whose contract is also quite old. I would give the AAC a slight edge here, but not enough to make them high-major versus the A10.

What other metrics should be considered?