VCU playing @ Wake Forrest Next Year

The Gold Towels saved the blackout, without them it would have looked much worse. I have always wondered why more VCU fans don't wear school colors to games. Hopefully as the fans become more dedicated and/or realize the beneficial effect of the yellow and black, attire will start to improve. At least leave the blue jeans home when we play UR and ODU.
Whoooosh said:
MarcusNation said:
Yeah, buy shirts at cost and sell them for no profit.

As for wearing rewashed shirts that can be handed out at games... no way in a million years. I have what is essentially no immune system. So, I wouldn't do it. But that isn't to say lot's of people might be into that idea. I just like that everybody is trying to think of ways to better the program.

I stay decked out head to toe in black and gold regardless, as do many of my friends, but we're a different breed of VCU fan...

God Bless you! and your buds!!
Was @Wake Forest the location of the infamous "You Are Ugly" chant?