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Jan 22, 2010
I would say he's very lucky. I remember there were folks on here who were hoping he was going to be a Ram....think we were one of his final cut schools.
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May 1, 2009
He fled on foot? How is he not in jail? Sheesh
Crashed the car, no license (or at least not one on him), drinking/smelled of alcohol, fled from police.

Result - he will pay for the damage to the car, produce a license, no breathalyzer or blood test so alcohol charge will be dropped, and fleeing from police will be dropped down to some minor misdemeanor charge like public nuisance with a $100 fine.

As the coach said:
"In the end, the biggest punishment or biggest fallout is going to be the damage to his reputation, the shame, the embarrassment that he has caused himself, his family, the program, his teammates, the university, all of us here,'' Hurley told reporters at practice Tuesday.

Hurley said, he has not determined if the player will be suspended from any games.


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Apr 24, 2009
Well, JUCO’s don’t get a star rating, so Simms is irrelevant to the point you’re trying to make. However, Curry was an NR high school player, not a JUCO, and consequently brings our class rating down. I get that some players outperform their low ratings, just as some players underperform on their high ratings. It’s not the norm though. Do you honestly understand what an outlier is, and the statistical effect they have when looking at a large set of data? In this respect, the term outlier is synonymous with the term anomaly; or one in a million. Does that help clarify it?

Keshawn is one in a million.

Go Rams Go.

MR knows.