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Jan 19, 2010
I was just about to post this. It's a great analysis, and the weaknesses listed are legitimate. I think Bones has been working on them though and I'm sure he'll look good at the combine.
I agree with you WW on his working through the weaknesses. At the end of the day, he will be just 21 in September that gives him a little time to work his butt off on being a complete player while earning a spot on a roster due to his strengths.

At the end of the day, Bones might be better off not being drafted contractually if he isnt drafted in the first round. 2nd round team has all the options. Free agent, he has more options on picking the team, and possibly getting a larger salary than even the Lotto guys as Wes Matthews Jr. did a few years ago.
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Dec 30, 2011
I hope he reconsiders and is ready to return to Rhoades and Ramily this year. You can undeclare from the draft with no penalty, right?
Theoretically he can, but I don't think the NCAA and the NBA have fully jointly worked out the rules for that yet. Barring some kind of freak occurrence in the next few weeks, Bones will be playing professionally somewhere.
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Apr 21, 2009
PSA for anyone focused on the negatives, Quickley had the exact same negatives and was a first round draft choice