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Feb 12, 2009
1) Don't get into a back-and-forth on here and attack each other. It obviously bugs both people in the convo, but more importantly it destroys threads and bugs everyone else. People wanna read about VCU hoops, not see slow moving Jerry Springer fights. If you wanna get in a fight with someone, take it to private message.

2) Don't crap-talk our site. You don't think the site is any good? Gets ta steppin'.

If you don't dig what's going down on here, first maturely message us to see if it's something that's fixable...but for the love of God, you must also give us time to actually fix it. We've got lives and wives and this site doesn't make nearly enough money for us to sit on here just monitoring every message. Don't throw shade on us on Twitter before you allow us to address the situation. But also, if you REALLY don't like the forum...pretty f'ing simple: don't come on here. Man this is the darn INTERNET. You know how many more cool things there are to do on the net than come on a forum just to tell people on it how bad it is? LOTS.

3) Don't be so darn sensitive. This is a place where people are ALLOWED to talk about VCU hoops, both the good and the bad. Your opinion is not the only one that matters. That's just a terrible way to go into any forum. I'm pretty sure there is a Facebook group that's for ONLY positive talk about VCU. Feel free to use it. But if someone has an issue with the defense, dammit they're allowed to talk about it here as long as it's in a relatively thoughtful way.

I'll post more rules as I think of them...
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